John Stirling: Bridgerton character explained

John Stirling is the Earl of Kilmartin who wins over Francesca’s heart in Bridgerton season 3. Victor Alli plays the character.

Francesca is chosen as the diamond of the season and courted by the Marquess as is the Queen’s wish.

However, during one of the first balls of the season, she meets Lord John Stirling, the Earl of Kilmartin.

They both connect over their aversion to social interactions and enjoy spending some quiet time together.

He is a very soft-spoken individual much like Francesca and she takes a liking to him. He begins to call on her and she turns down the Marquess.

Peas in a pod

During a promenade, Francesca hears a street musician’s melody and suggests a change to it so John rushes to have it composed to her specifications and gifts her the sheet music.

Violet doubts their union because of how introverted they are but Francesca is happy and in love with John.

John Stirling: Bridgerton character explained 1
John and Francesca are very similar in their character

They agree to get married but they ask Violet to speak to the Queen for her blessing. Violet still has her doubts because she wonders whether they are truly in love with each other.

John assumes that Violet isn’t fond of him but Colin and Benedict explain that she is used to love being bold and exciting.

He is advised to do something eye-catching to show that he can come out of his shell and bring Francesca out of hers.

During Colin and Penelope’s wedding breakfast, John asks Francesca to dance with him and she tells the Queen when she shows up later.

John and Francesca get married in a small ceremony at home and he raises a toast to the Bridgerton family who have welcomed him with so much love.

They decide to move to his primary residence in Scotland where they can enjoy the quiet of the Highlands together.

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