Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King summary and ending explained

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King continues the story of Asta when a former Wizard King with a plan to destroy the kingdom returns to enact his dream. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

10 years ago, disgraced Wizard King Conrad Leto was stopped from destroying the Clover Kingdom with the Imperial Sword by his successor, Julius Novachrono, and the most potent magic knights.

Now on the anniversary of the Triumph, Conrad returns along with three other Wizard Kings who were cast aside for their radical ideals. Edward Avalaché, Princia Funnybunny, and Jester Garandaros join forces with Conrad to build a new kingdom from scratch.

Asta, Yuno, and the other knights and captains fight back but are no match for the former Wizard Kings’ power. Asta, Noelle, and Finral head to Branch Zero where they are developing a sheath to nullify the power of the Imperial Sword.

However, Conrad gets there first and destroys what they were working on. He then steals Noelle’s magic before Asta fights against him using anti-magic. Conrad is fascinated by this and asks Asta to join him but Asta refuses.

Asta learns that Conrad’s plan is to absorb a large amount of power with the Imperial Sword and then plunge into one of the many mana veins in the kingdom. Yuno arrives to help and they retreat after realizing that they cannot fight Conrad on their own.

Julius and some of the other captains are trapped and have their power drained in Conrad’s floating stadium as Jester locates the perfect mana vein as their target.

Asta and the others camp out at a Black Bulls base that was still being constructed along with survivors from the other squads. They are soon joined by some of the other captains including Big Sister Mereleona.

Asta gives a rousing speech about how they must stand against Conrad for the survival of their kingdom and not give in so easily no matter how difficult things may seem.

After taking back control of the main Black Bulls base, the remaining knights head toward the fortress to take on Conrad and the other kings.

When they close in on the stadium, they succeed in splitting up the Wizard Kings to buy time for Asta to deactivate the magic of Imperial Sword with his anti-magic.

Yuno takes on Jester with the help of Yami, Fuegoleon, and Nozel who are freed thanks to Yuno’s cleverness. Mereleona takes on Princia so that she can test the limits of her power. The Black Bulls squad takes on Edward with Noelle leading the charge.

After breaking through the barrier, Asta goes straight for Conrad who tells him that he’s too late and then plunges the sword into the vein to begin the destruction of the country.

Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King ending explained in detail:

What happens between Mereloena and Princia?

Mereleona is truly excited to fight a former Wizard King but Princia is dismissive of her opponent. She calls forth a legion of soldiers but Mereleona defeats them with ease.

The two spar for a long time but Mereloena isn’t able to lay a hand on Princia while simultaneously exhausting herself. This only pushes her to try harder and she finally overcomes the initial defenses and forces Princia to raise a hand herself.

Seeing that she has a worthy opponent in front of her, Princia gets excited and the battle heats up even further until Princia uses her most powerful spells to take Mereloena down.

Mereleona draws power from her allies to show true resolve and the two extremely powerful magic users battle in an almighty stalemate.

How does the Black Bulls squad fight off Edward?

Edward’s ice magic is quite formidable but the squad does their best to keep him at bay and attempt to do any kind of damage if possible. Noelle isn’t able to perform any of the stronger spells from her grimoire but she does have her basic magic back.

Every time it appears that Edward is about to wipe the squad out, they persevere with their magic and show that they’re capable of hanging with the best of them.

During Asta’s confrontation with Conrad, he stabs Conrad’s grimoire and releases Noelle’s magic. With her power restored, Noelle brings out the big guns, and together with the rest of her team they are able to bring Edward’s onslaught to a halt.

Does Yuno defeat Jester?

Jester tells Yuno that it is a fruitless endeavor to take him on, even with the help of the other captains because they have been drained of almost all of their power up till then.

Yuno isn’t perturbed and the four knights throw everything they have at the eccentric former king. Yuno reaches into every spell he can in his grimoire and together with others, manages to really test Jester.

He ultimately chooses to go with brute force, just like his best friend Asta would, and does succeed in making a dent in Jester’s magic, although it isn’t enough to really finish him.

Does Asta defeat Conrad?

Even though Conrad plunges the sword into the vein, Asta is convinced that he just needs to knock it out to fix things so Conrad decides to stand in his way.

The two of them fight as Conrad continues to tell Asta that he would be better off joining the former King’s side rather than going against him.

Asta digs deep into the Black Clover grimoire of anti-magic to defeat Conrad and momentarily gains the upper hand after knocking the sword out of place which makes the other kings disappear.

With no other options, Conrad decides to use a forbidden spell but Julius shows up with the Imperial Sword and hands it to Asta. With the power of the anti-magic and the magic of all of his allies being poured into the sword, Asta is able to counter Conrad’s spell and defeat him.

With the knights finally triumphing, Julius congratulates his warriors and explains why Conrad rebelled in the first place. He speaks out to previous Wizard Kings and tells them that the future is hopeful.

Asta is exhilarated with what just took place and reiterates his claim that one day, he will become the Wizard King.

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