Bhoot Police summary and ending explained

‘Bhoot Police’ is a comedy horror film now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The film follows two brothers who earn their living posing as ‘supernatural experts’ until they are eventually faced with a very real issue. It is directed by Pawan Kirpalani and stars Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam.

Vibhooti ‘Vibhu’ Vaidya (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji ‘Chiku’ Vaidya (Arjun Kapoor) are brothers who are following in the footsteps of their father, Ullat Baba (Saurabh Sachdeva) as experts in combating all things paranormal in nature. Chiku is a true believer in ghosts while Vibhu has a mindset more grounded in reality.

At a supernatural convention of sorts, Chiku and Vibhu are at loggerheads about their business and their father’s legacy. While Chiku wants to tackle a real spirit some day, Vibhu denies their existence and is only out to fleece the public.

Aware of their duplicitous nature, Inspector Chedilal (Javed Jaffrey) arrives there to take in the brothers to face punishment for their petty crimes. At the same time, Maya Kulbhushan (Yami Gautam) is on the lookout for the Ullat Baba to solve a case for her and comes across his sons.

She wants to enlist their services to tackle an evil spirit called a ‘Kichkandi’ at her father’s tea estates because it has been terrorising the local employees, which has adversely affected their business. Her sister, Kanika Kulbhushan (Jacqueline Fernandez), prefers to take the easier route by selling the estate and moving abroad.

Soon after they arrive, Chiku questions the people about the ‘Kichkandi’ to learn more about it’s appearance and possible motives. He receives various ridiculous accounts but nothing conclusive to help him with his investigation. Maya points the brothers towards Santu (Girish Kulkarni) who worked there back when the spirit appeared the first time.

Santu recounts the story of how the Kichkandi had possessed his wife and then began to wreak havoc in the village, even taking the lives of a few people. Ullat Baba came and performed a ritual to exorcise the spirit and successfully contained it but not without the loss of Manju’s life. He warns them to give up on their pursuit and leave the village as it will only end up in ruins.

They locate the particular vessel their father contained the spirit and Vibhu breaks it to prove that ghosts do not exist. He insists that their father was no real baba and just took the village folk for a ride. Little does he realise the consequence of his actions.

While he’s out for a walk in the forest, Vibhu comes face to face with the Kichkandi that is trying to get into the house and after a short chase, manages to subdue it. The truth is revealed that it’s actually the estate manager in disguise under the orders of Kanika. She used the urban legend to get her wish by scaring everyone off and selling the property.

Vibhu is supportive of this idea and agrees to assist her in one last act to showcase the real danger the Kichkandi poses. They sabotage Chiku’s very real protection ritual with a scheme of their own and with the help of a few tricks convince the villagers to leave and not come back.

Things take a turn for the worse when the real Kichkandi released from the vessel earlier possesses Maya and goes on the warpath. How will the brothers combat this problem? What does the evil spirit really want? Will they get out of this predicament safe and sound?

Bhoot Police ending explained in detail:

The talents hidden within

Vibhu is walking in the forest by himself when he’s cornered by Inspector Chedilal. He’s cornered, but all of a sudden, he sees a small girl named ‘Titliya’ who has appeared in front of him several times since his arrival at the estate.

She possesses the inspector temporarily and knocks him out. It’s at this point that he realizes that she’s a ghost, and that he has always had the ability to see them, just never realized it.

He goes back to find his brother and confesses that he is now a true believer and is ashamed that he took this long to realize. They both have received gifts from their father, with Chiku having an inherent understanding of the supernatural and Vibhu able to actually see them.

Facing the monster head on

A possessed Maya is causing havoc at the factory with Kanika trying to stay out of sight. The brothers arrive at the scene and immediately get to work. With the knowledge that they need to dispossess Maya, Chiku grabs his book to say the right incantation.

He’s thrown back by Maya who then chases Vibhu and Kanika. She finally gets a hold of Vibhu is about the hurt him when Chiku comes in and asks his brother what to do since he doesn’t have his father’s book with him. Vibhu tells him to go with his gut and trusts him to get the incantation right.

Chiku starts reciting the spell and successfully rescues Maya before telling the rest that he simply used a Soul transfer spell but instead of himself, he ends up transferring the Kichkandi’s soul to Vibhu.

The spirit is at peace

With the spirit taking control of Vibhu’s body, Chiku, Maya and Kanika try to run away. Chiku asks the sisters to get somewhere safe since his brother’s safety is his responsibility so he should face the danger alone.

He tries to recite the spells again but is overpowered by the spirit. Maya convinces Chiku to reason with the Kichkandi as it’s simply a misunderstood spirit and does not want to truly hurt anyone. Forming a connection with the Kichkandi, he finds out that it’s actually the soul of the mother who was murdered and is simply looking for her daughter, ‘Titliya’.

With the knowledge that Vibhu actually knows Titliya, they head out the forest in search of her and when the mother and daughter are finally reunited, their souls are at peace and they ascend to the heavens.

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