Bestseller (2022) summary and ending explained

The Indian miniseries, Bestseller, is a psychological thriller that revolves around a film writer suffering from writer’s block and his fan from a small town.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers


Mumbai based Tahir (Arjan Bajwa), a film writer by profession, is undergoing major writer’s block. Pestered by his publisher, things seem to be going downhill for him. His wife- Mayanka Khanna (Gauhar Khan)- is a successful director of TV advertisements. He seems to be jealous and insecure about his own wife’s success. He also doubts something illicit between Mayanka and Sanjay (Viraf Patel).

Out of ideas for his novel, he chances upon a meeting with Meetu Mathur (Shruti Hassan), a huge fan of his. She belongs to a remote, small town and aspires to be just like him. Thanks to her naivety, she discloses the plot idea that she has for her novel- bringing out the worst in Tahir. He decides to produce her idea as his own, he is desperate enough to come out with a bestseller soon.

As we proceed, someone starts trolling Tahir online. The trolling soon transitions to a murder, which catches the attention of ACP Lokesh Pramanik (Mithun Chakraborty), a supercop on the verge of retirement. He decides to get involved in their case. Along with Urmila Ranade (Sonalika Kulkarni), his team tries to track the original troll- and probably the actual mastermind behind the murders.

Meanwhile, a new person comes under the radar of suspicion. Meanwhile, Parth (Satyajeet Dubey), a small term office intern begins to act sneaky. It looks as if he is somehow related to the person behind this.

Later into the series, it comes out that this isn’t the first time Tahir has decided to sell someone else’s idea as his own. The series ‘Bestseller’ takes the viewers 10 years back, to the actual person whose idea Tahir had stolen. The person’s life gets ruined and he dies a sorrowful death. He leaves behind his children- a pair of siblings, which have some connection to Tahir later on.

Meetu drops her ‘innocent’ act- she turns out to be one of the siblings, the other one being Parth. To avenge their father’s demise, they have hatched a plan to trap Tahir and ruin him- possibly breaking his marriage too. They try and succeed in getting him into a negative light in the media.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Bestseller ending explained in detail (Episode 8: How to write a bestseller):

Meetu and Parth’s Story

The person whose story Tahir had stolen ten years back was Jai Singh, Meetu and Parth’s father and the story – wasn’t just a mere story. It was his actual life and had contained some intimate secrets that he had never even dreamt of spilling.

Without asking for any consent, Tahir had published a book on the same. Jai Singh’s secrets came out into the close-knit community of the small town where they had lived. Ashamed and shocked about the same, his wife had ended her own life. A while later, he passed away due to a heart attack.

Post the whole drama, only the siblings were left behind. They had to live their childhood through extreme burdens and sorrow- thus getting a cause to ruin Tahir’s life.

Mayanka’s Infidelity

There were some signs indicating infidel relations between Tahir and Meetu. But it turns out that Mayanka has been sharing intimate moments with both Sanjay and Parth.

Prompted by her husband’s indifference and insecurity about his proximity with Meetu, she turns towards Sanjay, and in some cases, Parth, to satisfy her needs.

She tries to shift the blame by mentioning that at least she is admitting her affair- unlike Tahir. This proves to be the last straw for her marriage with him.

The Grand Plan

Out with the quest to avenge their father, the pair- Meetu and Parth- are ready to stoop to any level. Already done destroying Tahir’s married life, the pair now seeks to make the public see him as a criminal.

Meetu carries forward with their plan- framing Tahir for her murder. She spins an intricate plan- and we see a new side to her character. She is shown making use of complicated gadgets and is competent with cyber knowledge.

Through the evidence of them sleeping together, Tahir gets to be the one arrested when Meetu disappears. The series ends with him being put behind the bars.

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