Bel Riose: Foundation season 2 character explained

In Foundation season 2, Bel Riose is the most respected general serving the Galactic Empire. Ben Daniels plays Bel Riose.

Bel Riose has served fifteen years in the Superluminal Armada and a decade in Intelligence. The fleet he leads is extremely loyal to him, and the people of Trantor regard him as a hero.

According to Demerzel, he is honest and incorruptible. Even the brothers of Brother Day agree that he is the ablest general they have. It’s not the same case with Brother Day, Cleon XVII, with whom Bel Riose shares bad blood.

Bel Riose went against the orders of Brother Day. He executed a flanking maneuver and won an encounter with minimal loss, which made him a hero in people’s eyes.

Brother Day, on the other hand, only sees him as someone who disobeyed his orders and ruptured military discipline. For refusing to follow the orders, Brother Day punished Bel Riose by convincing him that his husband has been executed and sending him to mine at Lepsis Penal Colony.

Bel Riose is asked to return

When the Empire learns that the Foundation could still be flourishing, they plan to investigate it. Demerzel chooses Bel Riose to be the one to lead the investigation.

Demerzel visits Bel at Lepsis Penal Colony. Bel, like the great leader he is, shows his impressive negotiation skills to make sure that he is not the only one who is granted benefits.

Bel Riose: Foundation season 2 character explained 1
Bel learns that his husband is not dead

Demerzel makes Bel Riose say yes to everything by mentioning that his husband, Glawen Curr, is still alive. Bel Riose returns and meets Brother Day, who questions his loyalty. He later shares a tearful reunion with Glawen, who cleans Bel and gets him ready for the mission.

Bel’s purpose for returning

Bel Riose is the only person Brother Day feels threatened by, considering how popular Bel is among his peers. Brother Day expects Bel to settle the scores with him after what happened between them.

Bel, on his side, has different plans. He doesn’t want revenge. Bel cares more about Brother Day’s subjects. Bel is the only person who is indisposable for Brother Day.

Bel plans to make the most of this advantage and protect the people from an emperor like Brother Day. Hence, Bel rejoins his fleet, where he is welcomed with open arms, and sets course for the Outer Reach.

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