Beauty (2022) summary and ending explained

‘Beauty’ is a new drama film about a gifted young black woman who sets out on an ambitious path to become a singing star. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Beauty is a talented young Black woman who grew up with her family in 1980s New Jersey and wants to be a singer.

She is given a music contract, but her parents wonder if she is ready for everything the fame has to offer. Her mother, a singer who never achieved commercial success, tries to shield her from a greedy business. Her father views Beauty as a cash cow and a valued property for which he has invested a lot of money.

Abel and Cain, her brothers, have faith in her to act in the family’s best interests.

Jasmine, Beauty’s girlfriend, is the one who is most concerned about her. She cautions her about how her father influences her choices and how they would handle their relationship after she becomes famous. She advises her to hire a lawyer.

Later, Beauty signs the contract without consulting a lawyer as she hears from her father that if she doesn’t do it now, she will disgrace him. Afterwards, Beauty signs the deal with Colony Records, a flood of fresh disagreements between her and her family begins.

Jasmine, meanwhile, is nowhere to be seen. Beauty reveals to her mother that she made vain attempts to get in touch with her. She has a serious talk with her about whether she is happy.

However, her father wants Jasmine to go away. He asks her brothers to make her go away over drinks but her brothers fight over it. A drug dealer attacks Jasmine at the back of a pub.

Beauty visits her in the hospital where they have an emotional conversation.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Beauty ending explained in detail:

New beginning

Beauty chooses to move with Jasmine to a city. She takes Jasmine to see their apartment. Jasmine opens the window to let in city sounds. They slow dance as Beauty plays an adorable song.

She is informed by her record company that she is facing criticism from black people. They believe that releasing a song that appeals to both markets is the best path to becoming an icon.

She explains that all she can do is sing, but the record label worker persuades her that to be a superstar, she needs to put on a mask. She makes Beauty prepare false answers to the questions that might be asked.

Beauty requests that Jasmine keep their relationship private in public. They are told by her supervisor that she doesn’t care what they do at home and that it’s in their best interests.


The dance instructor struggles to teach Beauty how to dance properly. She talks about this with her girlfriend and supervisor. Jasmine advises her dance instructor to begin with simple moves and work up to more complex ones later.

Her singing, nevertheless, is flawless. When she records her songs in the studio, she is a professional. They ask her mother to sing on one of her song’s vocals, which prompts both the mother and the daughter to become quite emotional.

When her neighbour complains to her to turn the music down since he is trying to sleep, Beauty flirts her way out. She responds that she is not a teenager when he says that teens listen to loud music. He comments that she resembles one, but Beauty responds that he didn’t see her undressed.

When Jasmine inquiries about it, she explains the situation, claiming that it was only a neighbour who had a problem.


Irv Merlin wants her to be in his show and sing, according to her manager. She must perform someone else’s song at the Irv Merlin show because her debut record album is not finished yet. She is requested to perform “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” a song that white people are more accustomed to hearing.

Later, Beauty’s brother meets her to let her know that their father, who had a heart attack, is ill. According to him, their mother has tried to be in touch with her but she hasn’t been home recently.

She apologises to her father for not coming sooner when she visits him in the hospital. Her father, who negotiated the deal for her, demands her to give him an amount of the profits as they are having a deep chat about their lives. She feels bad and depressed because of her this. He is informed that she will invite everyone else but him to her success celebration.

The Irv Merlin show introduces her as magical. In the green room, Jasmine films her and her mother shows her concerns and tries to comfort her before her debut.

Beauty invites her neighbour who comes to meet her in the green room. He introduces himself as Sammy to Jasmine. Jasmine asks her the reason she invited him after he leaves. Beauty assures her that he wanted him to listen to her sing and that there is no more story to it.

The show is about to start. All the emotions play in her mind as she makes her way to the stage, knowing that she has changed everyone’s life.

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