bbbfamous: Celebrity character explained

_bbbfamous is an Instagram account run by someone who helps Seo A-ri get dirt on the members of the Gabin Society. The character is played by Kim No Jin.

After Seo A-ri first gained popularity, an Instagram account called _bbbfamous reached out to her hoping to connect. They tell her that they are huge fans and support their rise as a regular person who deserves to make it big.

When A-ri faces trouble because of the schemes that the Gabin Society, _bbbfamous offers to help her out and shares information about each of them that they wouldn’t want getting out in public.

Soon, A-ri starts her own fashion and cosmetics brand called Ari.& and her life gets busier so she isn’t able to respond to _bbbfamous as often and the superfan doesn’t take this too well.

She appears to behave more unhinged and warns A-ri that she will pay for ignoring them. They reach out to Chae-hee when the influencer is at a low point and tell them that they have a way to bring A-ri down.

A troubled mind

_bbbfamous tells Chae-hee that A-ri used the information they shared to blackmail Angela and another influencer who had cut off her clothing supplier.

They offer Chae-hee an opportunity to get back at A-ri and create multiple fake screenshots where A-ri is badmouthing the Gabin society. These pictures are posted online and A-ri’s name is dragged through the mud.

A-ri fakes her death and the final part of her plan is to confront the real person behind _bbbfamous and find out why they did what they did.

It turns out to be Lee Eun-chae, a masseuse who was responsible for taking care of the Gabin Society. Her real name was Lee Seon-yong and she was a poor and depressed woman who pretended to be rich.

She didn’t like the way the influencers flaunted their money and had no appreciation for its true value. She was jealous of their easy lives while she had to struggle through hers.

Since they would treat her poorly and mostly ignore her, Seon-yong used it to her advantage and recorded them without their knowledge and stole information from their personal phones too.

She had multiple recordings and a technical setup in a house that was incredibly messy as Seon-yong was obsessed with social media and didn’t take care of herself once she got home.

bbbfamous: Celebrity character explained 1
She has a mental breakdown and tries to kill herself

She goes on a rant about privilege in front of A-ri and Si-hyeon before jumping out the window. She survives with some injuries but A-ri is greatly impacted by her behavior.

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