Bat Lady: Harlan Coben’s Shelter character explained

Bat Lady is a strange old woman who lives in a house in Kasselton and has several myths around her to keep people away. Tovah Feldshuh portrays the character.

On his first day, Mickey walks past a strange house and hears his father’s favorite song playing from inside so he asks Spoon about it. Spoon says that it belongs to “Bat Lady”, an urban myth who eats children when they roam at night.

She shows up outside when Mickey is headed back home and calls out to him by name. She marvels at how much he has grown and acts like she knows him even though he’s never seen her.

She then says that his father is still alive and then rushes back inside, leaving Mickey in a nervous heap. Mrs. Friedman also appears to know Bat Lady very closely, and the sunglasses man works for her and does her dirty work.

A protector

Mickey and his friends definitely find Bat Lady suspicious and investigate a connection she might have to Ashley’s disappearance. She is looking for Ashley too and has sunglasses man kill Mr. V because he outlived his usefulness.

When Mickey finally confronts her about Ashley, she tells him the story of Lizzy Sobek, while adding details that no one else could have known. Mickey realizes that she is Lizzy Sobek, and she tells him that even to this day her goal is to protect children.

Bat Lady: Harlan Coben's Shelter character explained 1
She had Sunglasses man working for her and taking care of business

She says that she was hunted down by a man known as the Butcher of Lodz, and then shows him a picture of the butcher, but it had the face of Brad’s killer photoshopped onto it.

She tells Mickey that he needs to protect children, just like his father did.

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