Azevedo: Reporting for Duty character explained

In Reporting for Duty, Azevedo is the former chief of the 8th precinct of the Tijuca neighborhood who is on medical leave. Bruno Cabrerizo plays Azevedo.

Chief Azevedo got shot during an operation against the Slot Machine Mafia, which resulted in him going on medical leave. Suzano comes to the 8th precinct as Azevedo’s substitute.

Azevedo is the only one other than Suzano who has managed to dodge the Slot Machine Mafia. The mafia is known for hunting and killing station chiefs. In the second episode of Reporting for Duty, Azevedo returns to the precinct.

Unlike Suzano, everybody at the precinct loves and respects Azevedo, who is handsome, dashing, brave, and loves action. Azevedo’s short visit quickly sees him visiting the precinct regularly and taking over Suzano’s duties.

Mantovani, who had an affair with Azevedo, tries to convince Suzano to fight back, but Suzano is happy to give Azevedo the reins because he intends to stay far away from danger.

Azevedo’s fate at the end

Suzano bests Azevedo when it comes to catching Soaked Rat, a member of the Slot Machine Mafia, and wins the trust of his colleagues. However, Suzano fails to win Mantovani’s heart, as he watches Azevedo and Mantovani make out in a car.

Azevedo keeps pursuing Mantovani, although she claims that their affair ended when he became a chief. She also reminds Azevedo that he is still married.

Azevedo: Reporting for Duty character explained 1
Azevedo and Mantovani struggle to keep their hands off each other

Azevedo and Mantovani work together and struggle to contain their feelings for each other. Once the Slot Machine Mafia is caught, Azevedo visits the 8th precinct to inform Mantovani that he is being transferred to the 2nd precinct since Suzano has been reinstated as the chief here.

Azevedo believes nothing can stop them from pursuing this relationship anymore. He tells Mantovani that he and his wife are now separated and officially asks her out in the open.

Mantovani never answers Azevedo, as she prioritizes hearing what Suzano has to say. A message from the mafia arrives, and even Suzano doesn’t get to say his piece.

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