Anna’s death in The Last of Us explained

The finale of The Last of Us goes back in time to introduce Ellie’s mother, Anna, what happened to her, and how Marlene ended up taking care of Ellie. Ashley Johnson plays Anna.

The Last of Us introduces Anna in the opening few minutes of the finale. She is pregnant and running away from an infected. She makes her way to a farmhouse, where she expects the people she knows to be there for her.

Unfortunately, she finds the place empty. Much like Ellie, Anna also embodies the warrior persona as she thrives to survive. She makes her way upstairs, and while doing so, her water breaks.

She heads into a room, picks up a chair, and pushes it against the door latch to ensure that the infected won’t enter the place. Then she proceeds to deliver her baby on her own.

The infected pounds on the door and breaks through. Anna defends herself and attempts to grab her switchblade. She eventually does and kills the infected.

After making the kill, she hears the baby crying and realizes that she gave birth during the struggle. The only takeaway is that she also got bit. Before the infection can spread, Anna quickly cuts the umbilical cord. She holds her baby and addresses her by the name of Ellie.

What happens to Ellie?

At night, Marlene and her associates arrive at the farmhouse. Marlene hears Anna singing and goes upstairs to find her holding a baby in one hand and the switchblade to her neck in the other.

So it turns out that Marlene was going to come to Anna’s rescue, but she was a bit late. Anna doesn’t blame her. She is now more worried about Ellie’s well-being.

Anna's death in The Last of Us explained 1
Anna addresses Ellie

Anna tells Marlene that Ellie is hungry and needs to be fed. She didn’t nurse Ellie as she had gotten bit. She lies and says that she cut the umbilical cord before that happened to make sure that Marlene doesn’t think that Ellie is infected too.

Anna wants Marlene to take Ellie to Boston and find someone who can raise her. She also wants Marlene to give Ellie her switchblade when she grows up.

Anna tells Marlene the baby’s name, and when Marlene denies her request, Anna asks Marlene how long they have known each other. Marlene admits that they have known each other for a lifetime. Anna then instructs Marlene to pick Ellie up and kill her right away.

Does Marlene kill Anna?

Marlene picks Ellie up, but she claims that she just can’t kill Anna. Marlene walks away while Anna cries in the back and begs to be killed.

Marlene couldn’t bear to hear Anna cry. She hands the baby to her associate and asks him to cover the baby’s eyes. Marlene dismisses all her emotions, and before she could give this a second thought, she immediately goes inside and shoots Anna down. Upon hearing the gunshot, baby Ellie starts crying again.

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