Alice: Run Rabbit Run character explained

In Run Rabbit Run, Alice was Sarah’s sister. Sarah’s daughter, Mia, starts identifying herself as Alice once she turns seven. D’Arcy Carty plays Alice.

On her seventh birthday, Sarah’s daughter, Mia, begins acting strange. When she comes across a picture of Sarah’s sister, Alice, she claims that she is none other than Alice.

The more erratic her behavior gets, the more Sarah thinks of communicating with her daughter and telling her about the person she is claiming to be. Apparently, Alice went missing when she was seven, but that’s just not it. There is more to the story that Sarah refrains from revealing, and it’s Alice who forces her to open up.

Alice and Sarah’s past

Alice and Sarah grew up in a house in the middle of the desert with their family. As kids, Alice and Sarah used to fight a lot. To defend her side, Sarah explains to Mia that sisters usually fight.

Alice used to love animals a lot. She petted stray dogs and birds and disliked watching her father hunt rabbits and Sarah helping him out.

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What Sarah doesn’t tell Mia is how Alice actually went missing. During their time at Sarah’s childhood home, Sarah relives the time she locked Alice inside a cabinet in their house’s barn.

Alice and Sarah Run Rabbit Run
Alice and Sarah’s picture

At night, Sarah visits the barn, and Alice comes out of the cabinet and jumps on Sarah. To defend herself, Sarah uses a rabbit trap to attack Alice. It is hinted that all of this really happened when Alice and Sarah were kids.

Sarah chased an injured Alice, who stopped near a cliff. Sarah then didn’t think twice before pushing Alice off the cliff. Sarah kept this from her parents and told them that Alice went missing.

Alice was never found. While Sarah grew attached to her father, her mother kept believing that Alice would return one day.

Does Alice return?

Run Rabbit Run hints at Alice’s arrival on Mia’s seventh birthday from the moment a rabbit shows up at Sarah’s house. Sarah quickly becomes uncomfortable about having that rabbit and sees shades of Alice in Mia, who seems to have attached herself to the animal moments after meeting it.

Alice haunts Sarah’s dreams, and whether there is really a spirit of Alice is open for debate. The film deals with the loss and mental health of Sarah, who pushed her sister off a cliff when they were young.

At times, Sarah notices Alice in Mia and the injuries she gave Alice on Mia’s face. During the final moments of the film, Sarah sees Alice taking Mia to the cliff from where she pushed Alice, possibly to kill Mia and punish Sarah for what she did.

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