Alex Finnerty: XO, Kitty character explained

Alex Finnerty is a new faculty member at K.I.S.S. who much like Kitty, is there to learn more about his past. The character is played by Peter Thurnwald.

Alex first meets Kitty on the night of the welcome dinner soon after she finds out that Dae has been cheating on her. He tries to be a calming presence and help her out since he’s also new in school.

There are times when Professor Lee would be hard on Alex for his kind nature, stating that Alex wasn’t respected by the students. At one point, even Alex begins to believe that after Kitty goes one of her escapades.

He is always very cheerful and does his best to help the students. After Kitty is caught sneaking into the hospital records room, she calls Alex to get her out and as they are chatting, she realizes that he was adopted as a baby by Australians, just like her supposed half-brother.

During her Chuseok dinner, Alex attends with professor Lee and tries to get to know him better but isn’t able to get through to him very easily. He leaves amidst all the chaos of the dinner before he is stopped by Kitty outside.

In search of family

Kitty tries to tell Alex that he might be her brother but Alex first admits that he joined K.I.S.S. to learn more about his birth father, Professor Lee. Since then, the two of them spend even more time together as Kitty wants to know more about her brother.

After learning that Jina is the one who was pregnant, she shares that discovery with Alex. He meets her one day to talk about it and she asks him to give her some space.

Alex Finnerty: XO, Kitty character explained 1
Alex Finnerty and his father, Professor Lee

She then ignores him which pushes him to leave on the last day of the semester because he doesn’t feel wanted. Jina fights her instincts and decides to tell Yuri that Alex is her brother.

Meanwhile, Alex shows up at the end of the talent show and Jina brings the whole family together, including Professor Lee. Alex finally gets to stand in front of Professor Lee and say that he’s his son.

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