AKA (2023) summary and ending explained

AKA is French-language action film that follows special ops agent Adam Franco as he attempts to infiltrate a crime syndicate. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

The film starts with Adam Franco on a mission where he ruthlessly kills a young girl. In the present day, a hotel bombing shakes the country of France.

Minister Marconnet is concerned because the culprit is claimed to be Moktar Al Tayeb, a Sudanese considered to be a terrorist. The Minister had called him to the country and did not want this information to be disclosed.

He asks head of intelligence, Kruger, to take care of Moktar. Since he is close to the head of a crime syndicate named Victor Pastor, they decide to infiltrate his group. Kruger assigns the mission Franco.

However, since they want the infiltration to be quick, Adam is not given an alias, and is asked to use his real name for the operation.

Adam manages to enter the syndicate by blackmailing one member responsible for new hires. He quickly gains Victor’s attention after taking out his security head.

Victor’s men tell Adam about Amet, a rival crime head who has been causing trouble for Victor. Another incident occurs at one of his nightclubs where Amet’s men stir up a ruckus.

Adam quickly dispatches all the goons. He is thanked by Natalya, Victor’s wife who also runs the nightclub. 

Victor realises who Adam is after this, and acknowledges his reputation. He tells him to become his son Jonathan’s bodyguard.

Adam and Jonathan bond after he protects him from bullies at school. But his sister, Helene, is still apprehensive as she came across an incident in Adam’s past where he killed someone.

However, she realises that he murdered a court member because he had raped his younger brother. It was an act of revenge.

Moktar has flashbacks of the incident at the hotel. Contrary to the news reports, he and his family were suddenly attacked.

Adam goes closer to Jonathan but is taken off his driving duties for one of Victor’s tasks. He tries to bug Victor’s study but is caught.

Thankfully, he had already asked Jonathan for a game of hide and seek. He simply acts as if he was playing with him, takes the bug off and apologises.

Adam’s support team, Mona and Cisko, trace a conversation between Moktar and Victor, discussing a certain operation to be executed the next day.

Later, he drives the car as Victor’s men rob a bank. But they’re intercepted by Amet’s men and many of them are killed. They only survive and escape because of Adam.

Kruger and Marconnet’s concerns grow as Moktar is thought to be planning another terrorist attack. The latter urges Kruger to take care of him as soon as possible.

Adam tells Natalya to flee, as he knows full well that she is the one who gave Amet information about the bank robbery. He knows when Victor figures it out, she will be killed.

Amet thinks that Natalya double-crossed him and kidnaps his son. Adam decides to tail Moktar and take him out once and for all.

Victor refuses to pay ransom to Amet for Jonathan. Helene contacts Adam and tells him that Jonathan has been kidnapped. Although he shrugs this off at first, he cannot stop himself from saving him.

He tells Cisko to tail Moktar while he rushes to save Jonathan. He finds Moktar and has him at gunpoint, but his cousin, Assan, shoots Cisko from behind and the two escape.

AKA ending explained in detail:

Does Adam save Jonathan?

Adam infiltrates Amet’s headquarters. He has to navigate around the numerous men that Amet has at his disposal but uses his skills to take them out.

Despite this, he does end up picking up brutal injuries by the time he reaches Amet. He is still able to shoot him and save Jonathan.

Amet pleads for his life and offers Adam a fortune to let him live. But the ops agent doesn’t care about the money one bit and just shoots him dead.

Is Mona dead or alive?

During his recovery, Adam has flashbacks of the day he killed the court member. Kruger offered him a way to escape jail by becoming an agent.

After Adam wakes up, he tries reaching Cisko but to no avail. He finds surveillance footage of Moktar but is caught by the police. He tells them that he is undercover.

A member of Victor’s syndicate witnesses this. Adam’s cover is blown. He takes more of his men to kill him, but Mona intercepts this conversation.

She takes them on herself and while she is able to eliminate all three, she receives fatal injuries and succumbs to death in front of Adam.

What is Moktar’s operation?

Adam finally finds Assan and Moktar and holds them at gunpoint. He asks them to reveal what the ‘operation’ he discussed earlier is.

To his shock, the operation simply means the procedure on his daughter, who was gravely injured after they were attacked at the hotel.

The operation has been successful and she will live. Moktar reveals that he was asked by Marconnet to come to France to discuss a ceasefire between Sudan and France.

He tells Adam that France helped Sudan gain independence but they only wanted their oil and he is fighting for the country’s rights.

Moktar is not afraid of being killed. He just asks for a chance to say goodbye to his daughter and Adam allows this. But they are ambushed by special ops dispatched by Kruger for a cleaning operation.

Moktar is quickly killed. Adam helps Assan escape with his daughter as he eliminates all the ops present. The three escape successfully.

What is the fate of Helene and Jonathan at the end?

Helene is arrested and Jonathan is taken away by the authorities. Victor kills Natalya for the betrayal but is subsequently murdered by the ops.

After Helene is let go, she asks for information about her brother. When she doesn’t get any information, she decides to contact Adam.

She waits for him in a bus as one of the special op agents readies himself to kill her. Adam arrives with Jonathan and while the siblings reunite, he kills the op in the background.

The three continue the bus journey quietly. Adam has firmly decided to go rogue as he questions the morality of the authorities.

Moktar’s daughter is safe and alive, while Marconnet’s invitation to Moktar is leaked to the press, which would most certainly land him and Kruger in hot water.

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