After We Fell summary and ending explained

After We Fell is the third Netflix film in the ‘After’ franchise which tells the story of Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and Tessa (Josephine Langford), who are living together. Tessa is trying to deal with her past, and Hardin tries to resolve his emotional vulnerabilities.


The film is based on the After book series by Anna Todd, which originally was on the fanfiction site Wattpad. The author created the main plot of the book from One Direction fan fiction. The film is directed by Castille Landon.

Tessa and Hardin are living together and their passion burns hotter than ever but they are insecure people. Hardin had planned that eventually, after their graduation, he would take Tessa to London but Tessa has other plans.

Tessa had been offered a job at Vance Publishing’s Seattle office. Tessa thinks it’s a great opportunity that she cannot pass on. Hardin is upset that she had not told him this, and also worries about how to make a long-distance relationship work.

Even though Tessa tries her best to convince him to move with her, he refuses, saying that there is nothing for him in Seattle and he hates the flashy lifestyle there and urges Tessa to stay back.

Tessa does not want to miss the opportunity. His jealousy takes over after he thinks about Tessa being around Trevor, and does not trust him even when Tessa says that they were only working friends.

Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever. Tessa wants to reconnect with her father, who she hasn’t seen in nine years, but Hardin has his concerns about Tessa getting hurt.

Tessa invites her dad over for dinner. Tessa’s dad has been getting mixed up in the wrong crowd while being an alcoholic. Hardin bonds with Tessa’s father at a bar as they both get involved in a brawl.

The bartender calls Tessa and she rescues them. Later, Tessa’s father leaves, with Tessa urging him to keep in touch. Several insecurities and lack of communication occur. Can desire alone be enough to build a future together?

After We Fell ending explained in detail:

What happens to Tessa?

Tessa moves to Seattle and stays with her coworkers, Kimberly (Arielle Kebbel) and Christian Vance (Stephen Moyer), who are expecting a baby. Insecurity starts to take the better of Hardin, and he gets reminded of Trevor and the possibility of him hanging out with Tessa. His insecurities are established even more when he snaps back at Robert a waiter who had tried to flirt with Tessa.

Hardin finally makes peace with the fact that Tessa has to go to Seattle for her career. He reads Tessa’s journal and realizes she is such a good writer and also that she loves him. He visits her on a weekend where he even starts boxing again, which is therapeutic for him.

Christian Vance, Hardin’s father’s college friend, and Hardin’s well-wisher offers him any job in Seattle so he can be with Tessa. Hardin refuses saying he wants to achieve something by himself and he does not want help. He admits that he had planned to take Tessa to London after their graduation but is scared of his past.

Several fights and jealousy occur between Tessa and Hardin before he finally decides to follow her to Seattle like she wanted him to.


All is well and Hardin even contemplates taking Tessa to London to attend his mom’s wedding who is getting ready to get remarried. But, he is worried about what Tessa would think about his past and where he came from. Vance convinces Hardin that he should invite Tessa to his mother’s wedding, so he does.

Hardin, Tessa, and the Vancees fly to England for the wedding. They are put up in a house next to Mike’s house where Hardin’s mother is staying. Tessa bonds with Hardin’s mother at the bridal shop.

Things go south when Hardin walks in on Vance having sex with his mother on the night before her wedding. Hardin goes ballistic and is really angry with his mother and Vance. He confronts them and punches Christian Vance. On the day of the wedding, Hardin is still very upset.

The wedding still goes through but Kimberly finds out and is now furious with her cheating husband.

Tessa persuades Hardin to hear Vance out and they meet for a drink at a bar. It is dramatically revealed that Vance and Hardin’s mom have been involved in a sexual relationship for a long time, so much so that Vance is Hardin’s father!

Happily Ever After?

Hardin’s mom and Vance always had something going on. Something left unfinished. Hence, Vance had a special bond with Hardin. Even Kimberly knew about it. Hardin is devastated when he finds out that he didn’t know for such a long time.

He runs away only to find comfort in Tessa’s arms. She finds him crying in the street and they embrace. He feels all his pain and misery melt away as he finds solace with Tessa. Hardin still has unresolved issues and there is still some amount of toxicity in Tessa and Hardin’s relationship.

What happens next? That will be revealed in the fourth and final After movie, ‘After ever Happy‘, which is set to be released in 2022.

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