Aarya season 2 summary and ending explained

Season 2 of Aarya focuses on the titular character’s return to India in order to testify against her father and brother, but soon she realises that coming back was not the right decision for the safety of her family.


Aarya (Sushmita Sen) returns to testify in the case against Zorawar (Jayant Kripalani) and Sangram Rathore (Ankur Bhatia) as well as Udayveer Shekhawat (Akash Khurana) after ACP Khan (Vikas Kumar) convinces her that it will be beneficial for her long term safety.

Having to deal with the attempt on her life, the unsteady mental state of her daughter, Arundhati (Virti Vaghani), and the sobbing pleas of her friend Hina (Sugandha Garg) to spare her brother’s life, Aarya decides to lie in court causing the dismissal of the case.

Zorawar has been suffering from cancer and sets his right-hand man, Kedia (Tariq Vasudeva), to work on his last will and testament and the fate of his off-shore accounts. He initially decides to leave it all in the name of his son, but once he finds out that Aarya was attacked, he leaves everything to her for her own protection.

Udayveer and his daughter are visited by the Russians who want to be repaid for the lost consignment which was picked up by the police before they could their hands on it. Uday, in turn, wants to squeeze that amount of Aarya and Sangram as well as get revenge for the murder of his son.

ACP Khan and the public prosecutor have their own agenda against Aarya for ruining their case to bring down the drug ring. They go to all lengths to accumulate evidence against her in order to put her behind bars for a long time.

Aarya wants to sell off the family pharmaceutical company to finance her escape but she needs Sangram to agree to sign off his share as well. Sangram, in turn, wants to start up the company again so that he can use it as a front for his side deals.

He’s negotiating with the corrupt officer Sushila Shekhar (Geetanjali Kulkarni) for the heroin consignment which belonged to the Russians. Sangram had tipped off the police in the hopes that he could get his hands on it later and sell it for a profit.

The night before Aarya and Sangram are meant to meet with potential buyers for the company, Sangram is kidnapped by his own guard. Hina also goes into labour the very next day and in her distressed state, she admits to Aarya that it was Sangram who ordered the hit on her at the safe house.

Despite agreeing to a deal with Sangram to be paid more, the guard murders him and then leaves his body for the police to find. Aarya is under the notion that it was Shekhawat’s order, while Hina believes it was Aarya who is responsible for Sangram’s death.

Aarya becomes aware of the heroin consignment and collects it herself. She immediately informs the Russians and asks them to take it off her hands. Before she can move ahead though, ACP Khan arrives and arrests Aarya under the suspicion of Sangram’s murder based on Hina’s statement.

They hold her in an interrogation room and use all the methods they can to make her confess but Aarya is not phased one bit. She stands firm and refuses to divulge any information, making ACP Khan and the prosecutor sweat. Aarya just wants to see her daughter who has not been answering any of her calls and is all by herself.

Aru has been interning at Sangram’s restaurant, The House of Royals, and dating the manager over there. But when Daulat (Sikandar Kher) threatens the manager, he breaks up with Aru and she spirals into a horrible state. She finds herself alone in the restaurant with a large number of drinks and drugs and ends up having a drug overdose.

The next day, when Sampat (Vishwajeet Pradhan) breaks into the House of Royals, he finds her passed out on the floor and immediately takes her to the hospital where the doctors are able to save her life.

After getting out, Aarya returns the heroin to the Russians, but they ask her for an interest fee of 50 crores within the next 5 days to truly clear her debt. She reaches out to Kedia but he doesn’t answer. The reason for that is Kedia has been kidnapped by Sampat to spill out information about Zorawar’s off-shore accounts.

Aarya also finds out that another hit put out on her earlier was ordered by Shekhawat and ultimately foiled by Daulat, who saved her life. She decides to end things once and for all and begins to set a plan in motion that will resolve all her issues.

If you still have questions from the finale, here is a complete breakdown.

Aarya season 2 ending explained in detail (Episode 8: Isko Mere Raaste Se Hataa Do):

The prisoner exchange

With the help of Maya (Maya Sarao), Aarya kidnaps Shekhawat’s daughter and grandchildren. She informs him that they will only be returned once Kedia is returned safe and sound. They decide on a time and place and Shekhawat agrees.

Aarya takes the grandchildren to the exchange but doesn’t take their mother because she does not trust Shekhawat. Sampat shows up with Kedia, who is completely beaten up. He hands him over, but not before placing a tracker in his pocket. Aarya tries to pull a fast one, but thanks to the tracker they catch up and take Kedia back.

Back where Maya is holding Shekhawat’s daughter, they get into a scrap and Maya ends up killing her in the scuffle. Aarya returns to see her distraught and immediately comes up with a solution to hide the body. Meanwhile, Sampat arrives just as they manage to escape.

They drive out to an abandoned area and bury the body. Aarya cuts off a finger to prove that they still have her and then they head back home.

All in the name of family

At home, they find ACP Khan waiting for them. He initially apologises for the trouble he has caused Aarya as well and Maya and then informs them that they have proved that the security guard was responsible for Sangram’s death.

On hearing this news, Aarya visits Daulat and reprimands him because he had hired the security guard. Daulat pleads with his innocence and claims that there is one person above him who makes all the decisions. That is when Aarya comes to the realisation that Zorawar had his own son murdered.

She visits him in his room and curses him, letting her mother know of his dastardly actions. She leaves, but not before praying to god that her father is removed from her life forever.

It’s nothing personal, just business

Aarya sends the finger to Shekhawat and lets him know that Kedia should be delivered to her if he wants to see her daughter again. Sampat heads over there with Kedia immediately under his boss’ orders.

The Russians are already at Aarya’s place waiting for their payment. They brought her fake IDs and passports at her request so that she can escape, but she returns them claiming that she’s tired of running.

When Sampat arrives, Aarya is about to eliminate him, when he tells her that he’s aware that Shekhawat’s daughter is dead and that he’s willing to switch allegiances because there can only be one ruler on top. She also finds out that he’s responsible for saving her daughter’s life, so she spares his.

Finding out that it has all turned against him, Uday Shekhawat tries to escape, but with the help of the Russians, Aarya reaches there ahead of him and takes him out as well.

She’s visited by ACP Khan who questions her about the sudden disappearance of Shekhawat and his daughter, but she feigns ignorance. She then proceeds to celebrate with her family and co-conspirators in the business.

The next day, she receives a call from Shekhawat’s son-in-law, Sooraj, who vows to take revenge and make her pay for what she’s done. She invites him on, stating that the story is just beginning. That brings a close to season 2.

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