Aarya season 3 part 1 summary and ending explained

Aarya season 3 revolves around the titular matriarch embracing her role as a crimelord with aspirations of growing her business to new heights. The first four episodes are streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Aarya is buying up opium fields from local farm owners because she wants to add production to her business portfolio along with the transportation that she already controls.

There is one owner who refuses to comply and Aarya invites them all to a meeting where she uses forceful means to convince him of what is right. While they are leaving, a sniper begins firing on them and a bullet hits Kedia.

Aarya rushes him to the hospital but to no avail as the doctors cannot save him. Sooraj Randhawa calls Aarya and tells her that she got lucky this time but he will ensure he gets his revenge for Nandini.

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ACP Khan also visits the hospital to remind Aarya that he hasn’t given up on putting her behind bars and will continue to keep a close eye on her.

On Tej’s death anniversary, Aarya has Daulat released from jail and tells him that she has no use for him anymore. She sets up a meeting with Anton and offers to transport a particularly big consignment.

She promises him an extra cut if he can locate Sooraj and eliminate him. However, Anton is working with Sooraj and plans on betraying his Russian bosses for his own gain.

Sooraj wants to steal Aarya’s consignment and Anton tells him that the key to that is Roop, who handles all of Aarya’s transports. Roop and Veer are in a secret relationship and Roop wants to tell Aarya about it.

She visits the hospital and finds out that she is seven weeks pregnant with Veer’s child but she doesn’t tell him. Aarya informs Roop about the consignment and trusts that she can handle it.

Aarya and her family head for Kedia’s prayer meeting while Sooraj has his men following Roop on the day of the delivery. The truck is on its way to the shipping yard when it runs into a roadblock set up by Khan.

Thanks to some quick thinking from Aarya, they can distract Khan long enough for the truck to get through. Roop decides against having an abortion and wants to tell Veer the news but Sooraj’s men grab her and get into a shootout with Aarya and her men.

Aarya is looking for Roop and Sooraj, and Sooraj is torturing Roop to find out the container number of the consignment. Veer tells his mother that he is in love with Roop and makes her promise that she will bring her back safely.

Sooraj realizes that Roop is pregnant and uses that to convince her to cooperate. Aru grows closer to Dhruv, a member of Sampat’s security team.

Khan tries to get a warrant for Aarya’s house but he is denied, and Sushila shares this information with Aarya. Sampat punishes some of his men for keeping Veer and Roop’s relationship a secret.

Roop tells Sooraj that the container number is sent by email to her laptop specifically, and that laptop is with Aarya at the moment. Sooraj tells Aarya that she only has a few hours to give him the number or else he’ll kill Roop.

When she tries to stall for time, Roop calls Veer and asks him to get the number. She also presses her pendant which Veer gifted her and is connected to his phone. It shares her live location and Aarya attempts to gain the upper hand.

They give Sooraj a fake number and then head to Roop’s location. Sampat heads to the shipping yard to ensure their consignment gets past customs. It reaches the gate, but Khan arrives just in time to seize the truck.

Sooraj has no use for Roop anymore and injects her with something. She calls Veer and tells him that she’s coming back but she succumbs to the injection and dies.

Aarya tells Sampat that they most likely have a mole in their organization which is how Khan found out the right container number. Anton takes Aarya to meet Nalini Sahiba, the woman who controls the supply of drugs to the Russians.

Her son, Abhimanyu plays a recording of Anton’s conversation with Sooraj confirming his betrayal, and then kills him without remorse. Nalini tells Aarya that she has a week to get the consignment back or else there is no saving her.

Dhruv turns out to be Khan’s mole and he tells the ACP that Veer is the connection between Roop and Aarya. Khan shows up at their house to bring Veer and Aru in for questioning as witnesses of the shootout where Roop was kidnapped.

Sampat sticks Dhruv and another goon in a room and tells them that they have an hour to figure out which one of them is the mole or else he will kill them both. Dhruv kills the other goon and convinces Sampat that they are the mole.

Veer refuses to identify Roop, leaving Khan with no connection to Aarya. Sooraj has Roop’s body dropped off at Aarya’s front gate and she has it taken away, but not before Maya notices it from the balcony.

She tells Aarya that she’s leaving because it is not safe around her. Aarya gets Sooraj’s location by pinging the phone of his right-hand man but Sooraj manages to escape after getting shot in the arm.

Adi gets in trouble at school after some bullies bring up his father’s death. Sooraj changes his appearance slightly and visits Maya at her gallery.

Aarya season 3 part 1 ending explained in detail:

What is Sooraj’s plan?

Sooraj pretends to be someone else and buys a painting from Maya, claiming that it is in the memory of his wife whom he lost a few months ago.

He asks her if she can accompany him to his house and find the perfect place to put up the painting as he doesn’t want to make the right choice. She agrees to go along with some of her guards, and when they arrive, Sooraj says that he left his phone in the car and steps out.

She explores the house until she finds a family picture with Nandini in it. She immediately tries to run out but Sooraj restraints her and lets her know that her guards are all dead.

He tortures her to find out what exactly happened to his wife and who was responsible for her death. He takes her out to where she was buried but when Maya says that she doesn’t remember, he calls Aarya out there.

What fires does Aarya have to put out?

Aru receives a payment to perform live for someone, but when Aarya finds out that it is Nalini, she forbids Aru from taking it. She calls Nalini and tells her that her children are off-limits, but Nalini doesn’t care.

Apu calls her to say that Maya never picked him up from school, and she brings him home and tries to find out where Maya is. Aarya sends Sampat to Sooraj’s house after getting the location and eventually receives a call from him to meet.

She rushes out to where they are but is followed by Khan who gets the tip from Dhruv. Sushila finds out that Khan is following her through the radio and immediately informs Aarya, who loses Khan with Sampat’s help.

What happens between Sooraj and Aarya?

Aarya arrives at the location and asks Sooraj about Maya. Sooraj tells her that Maya is alive and that she confessed that it was Aarya who killed Nandini.

Aarya finds Maya unconscious and after seeing her finger cut off, calls Sooraj a monster. He points a gun at her and threatens to finally get his revenge but Maya comes to and knocks him over with a shovel.

She grabs the gun and is about to shoot him when Aarya stops her. She convinces Sooraj that they are even since he also killed Roop and took away her son’s love.

Veer rushes forward with a gun and threatens to kill Sooraj. Aarya tries to stop him but when Sooraj attempts to defend himself, she swiftly kills him.

What happens in the aftermath?

Veer tells Aarya that he would like to perform the funeral rites for Roop so she sees to it. He is still angry with her and refuses to acknowledge her anymore.

She receives a call from Anton’s replacement, Mikhail, who sets up a meeting the next day to discuss her future. An inspector wonders how Aarya would have found out that she was being followed, and Khan deduces that they have a mole.

He says that once they find the mole, they get one step closer to taking down Aarya.

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