A League of Their Own (2022) ending explained: Do the Peaches win the final?

A League of Their Own follows the journey of the All-American Professional Women’s Baseball League players as they try to overcome their individual fears and the social issues of 1943 America. The series is streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Carson Shaw arrives in Chicago for the Rockford Peaches tryouts. She meets Greta and Jo heading in the same direction and joins them on the way.

The sponsors express their disappointment at the conventionally unattractive appearance of the women. Max is at the tryouts with her best friend but is not allowed to pitch due to her race.

After the tryouts, Max and the other candidates head to the same bar where Max accidentally witnesses Greta and Carson kissing. 

Dove Porter is introduced as the coach for the Peaches. The former baseball player barely considers the women’s league as real baseball. 

The players are given a makeover and taught feminine manners to please the male audience. Max hides her sexuality and sneaks around with another woman. 

Carson becomes conflicted between her feelings for Greta and her marital life with her husband, who is currently at war. 

Dove soon quits his position as the coach for a coaching job at Maryland. Carson and Lupe take over as the pressure to win for the team increases.

Max keeps fighting for her dream despite her mother’s disapproval. She finally gets a chance to pitch for Rockford screws but fails under pressure. Clance’s husband gets drafted for the war. 

After an embarrassing fight for the team, Carson takes over as the coach but finds it hard to be respected by the team. Max leaves home to find her “invert” aunt and finds out her aunt is transgender. 

The stakes get higher as the team finds it hard to stay together and keep their sponsor. Carson follows Lupe to a bar for the LGBTQ+ community. The bar gets raided and Jo is arrested.

After her arrest, Jo is sent to the Blue Sox, the rival team. Greta is upset with Jo’s situation and blames Carson for it. Max finally gets her shot and is offered a baseball job. Carson’s husband, Charlie, visits her.

A League of Their Own (2022) ending explained in detail:

How do the Peaches lose against the Blue Sox?

Carson motivates her teammates with a poem and asks them to make the match the greatest moment of their life even if they lose.

Despite the heavy stakes, the team starts getting better as the conflicts between them are resolved. Carson confesses to Shirley about her sexuality and asks Shirley to face her fears as well. 

With two scores down, Esti and Lupe use their linguistic strength in their favour. The team starts bonding and finally matches the score with the Blue Sox. 

However, the efforts are rendered useless as Jo hits a homerun. While reaching for the base, Jo gets injured and cannot get help from her team because of the rules. The Peaches prove their sportswomanship as they help Jo cross bases. 

Who does Carson end up with?

Carson finds herself losing focus due to her husband and asks him to leave for Idaho. Carson hands her wages for him to take home, hurting Charlie’s pride. She promises him she will meet him after a week. 

After the match, Greta asks Carson to come to New York with her but Carson declines and expresses gratitude for changing her life. 

Carson tells Greta that she will not go back to her husband either. They share a last kiss. Carson later finds out that Charlie is standing behind them.

Does Maxine finally make peace with her mother?

After getting the job offer and being featured in The Defender, Max visits her mother for dinner. Toni expresses her disapproval of Max’s lifestyle.

She expresses her fears about Max’s sexuality and explains to her the hardships women, especially black women, face to establish themselves in society without a man. 

Max gets angry and finds refuge in her conversation with her uncle Bertie. Max leaves for her trip to Minnesota.

What happens to Clance?

Clance’s husband, Guy, is drafted for the war leaving her anxious about his well-being and her societal status without a man. 

She joins the Screw Factory with Max to manage her finances once Guy is gone. 

As Max plans to leave for her new job, she pursues her interests in comic books and starts working on her own comic about the Screw Factory to compensate for her absence. Max convinces her to send it to The Defender.

Clance finds out she is pregnant but instead of telling Max, she confides her secret with Max’s mother who guides her about the struggles of motherhood.

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