The Other Zoey review: Predictable yet pleasing romcom

In The Other Zoey, the titular character’s theory about love is put to the test when she meets two boys, one who is very compatible with her and one who is nothing like her. The film is now streaming on Prime Video.


Zoey Miller is a very smart computer science major who does not believe in the popular idea of romantic love. She thinks that romantic love is a product of capitalism and that people need compatibility more than anything to make a relationship last.

Zoey is forced to question her theory when she meets Zach and Miles. While Zach is a popular soccer player, Miles is a computer science student, just like Zoey. Zoey assumes that Zach is a stereotypical jock. Miles, on the other hand, has the same ideas about love as Zoey.

When Zach gets into an accident, Zoey goes to the hospital with him. Zach’s concussion makes him lose his memories of the past few weeks, and he ends up mistaking Zoey for his girlfriend, Zoey Wallace.

Zoey intends to tell Zach’s parents that she is not his girlfriend, but when she finds out that Miles is Zach’s cousin, she decides to pretend to be Zach’s girlfriend to get to know Miles better. 

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How long will Zoey be able to keep up the act? Will she fall in love with Miles, her perfect match, or Zach, the boy who does not have much in common with her?


Josephine Langford plays her part well. Her body language gives the impression that she is an awkward nerd, which is exactly what her character is, and Langford manages to make it look appealing.

Drew Starkey portrays Zach as a sweet and nice soccer player. Zach and Zoey are smart in their own way, and Starkey’s portrayal makes that distinction apparent. It is amusing that his depiction of a concussed boy seems awfully accurate. 

Archie Renaux’s character comes across as aloof for the most part, which is understandable, as the script does not give him much space to be anything other than the boy Zoey considers to be her perfect match.

Olive Abercrombie, who plays Avery, is an actor who stands out. She is extremely witty, and that makes her charming. Her dialogue delivery will not fail to make the audience laugh.


The Other Zoey is a feel-good romantic comedy. It is a light-hearted film that manages to make the audience chuckle a few times. The plot is not complicated; it is simple but enjoyable.

The love triangle in the film is quite nice. Zoey and Miles’ compatibility makes them seem perfect for each other. Similarly, Zoey and Zach’s shared comfort has a charm of its own. 

It is a short film, but it still manages to get the audience invested in Elle and Zoey’s friendship. Their reconciliation is sweet and heartwarming because it is relatable. 


The film tries very hard to emphasize that Zoey is a smart girl. It is unnecessarily reiterated over and over again until that one quality becomes her whole personality. A little subtlety would have benefited the film.

Zoey’s character is the stereotypical protagonist who tries to oversimplify love but ends up falling in love with the person they had least expected to like, proving that love is unpredictable. The film is quite predictable in that regard.


The Other Zoey is a feel-good film with a simple plotline. It is predictable, but that makes it perfect for days when you want to watch something short and light-hearted.

The Other Zoey
The Other Zoey review: Predictable yet pleasing romcom 1

Director: Sara Zandieh

Date Created: 2023-10-20 13:36

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