The Other Zoey summary and ending explained

The Other Zoey is a romcom that follows a college student who pretends to be a popular soccer player’s girlfriend in order to get close to the boy she likes. The film is now streaming on Prime Video.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Zoey Miller is a computer major who does not believe in the popular idea of romantic love. She believes that romantic love is a product of capitalism and that it can only last if it is based on compatibility, so she creates a dating app that matches people on the basis of their compatibility.

One day, Zoey meets Zach Maclaren, the school’s soccer star who accidentally hits Zoey with a ball, as well as a computer science student like herself, who also believes that love is a modern-day invention.

Zoey starts liking this stranger the moment he quotes her favorite philosopher but does not get a chance to introduce herself to him. On the other hand, Zoey does not have a high opinion of Zach.

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Zach visits the bookstore where Zoey works and forgets his card there. Zoey runs after him to return it to him, but when she calls out his name, Zach gets into an accident. He is taken to the hospital, and Zoey accompanies him.

Zach suffered a concussion and forgets everything that has happened in the past few weeks. He has recently started dating a soccer player named Zoey Wallace, who somewhat looks like Zoey Miller.

Zach ends up mistaking Zoey Miller for his girlfriend, Zoey Wallace. Zach’s real girlfriend is in the Bahamas with her family, and since Zach is asked to avoid using his phone, he does not see his girlfriend’s messages.

The doctor asks Zoey not to upset Zach, so instead of saying anything to him, she decides to tell his parents the truth. However, just when she is about to do that, she finds out that the computer science student Zoey likes is Zach’s cousin, Miles.

Zoey ends up pretending to be Zach’s girlfriend to get to know Miles better. She even accepts Zach’s parents’ invitation to go on a skiing trip with his family. The more time Zoey spends with Miles, the more she likes him.

Zoey and Miles have the same interests and are extremely compatible. Zoey thinks that she has found the right partner for herself when Miles kisses her, but the next day, she finds out that Miles has a girlfriend and that they are polyamorous.

Zoey no longer wants to be with Miles, so she spends the day with Zach. They get to know each other better, and Zoey starts liking Zach, despite her theory about love. The realization does not make her feel better, as she knows that Zach already has a girlfriend.

Zoey enjoys Zach’s company, but all good things must come to an end. Zach’s real girlfriend has been getting anxious about Zach not responding to her messages, so she decides to cut her vacation short to meet him.

The Other Zoey ending explained in detail:

How does Zach find out the truth?

When Zoey returns home with Zach’s family, Zach’s real girlfriend also comes to his house to confront him. Zoey is left with no choice but to confess the truth. She tells Zach and his family that she has been lying to them about being Zach’s girlfriend.

Zach now recognizes Zoey and remembers that he met her at the bookstore. The time he spent with Zoey made Zach believe that he had a connection with her, but now he thinks that it was all a lie.

Zoey apologizes to Zach and leaves, but not before telling him that her opinion of him has changed; she now thinks that he is smart and sensitive. However, it is too little, too late.

How does Zoey’s life change?

After confessing the truth to Zach and his family, Zoey gets into a fight with her friend and roommate, Elle. Zoey blames Elle for the mess, as she had encouraged Zoey to lie and pretend to be Zach’s girlfriend. Zoey also calls Elle’s poems stupid and hurts her.

On top of that, the whole college finds out what Zoey did, which leads to Zoey getting ridiculed by everyone on campus. People keep whispering and spreading rumors about her wherever she goes, and Zoey is left sad and lonely. Zoey’s app also fails, and Zoey decides to go home to visit her mother.

Does Zoey make up with Elle?

Zoey’s parents recently got divorced, and Zoey believes that it happened because her parents are very different from each other. However, Zoey’s mother tells her that the marriage ended because of other reasons, not because they were different.

Her mother advises her to be brave and to tell Zach that she likes him. While Zoey is not ready to be honest with Zach, she is ready to apologize to Elle. Zoey hates poetry, but she writes a poem for Elle to apologize to her and manages to earn her forgiveness.

Do Zoey and Zach end up together?

Zoey’s classmates are organizing an event and want Zoey to build an interactive website for them. When they tell her that this can be an opportunity for Zoey to be remembered for something other than pretending to be Zoey Wallace, she agrees.

Zoey’s website is a hit, but she does not attend the event because she is scared of running into Zach. However, Elle sees Zoey Wallace kissing another boy and comes to know that Zach and Zoey Wallace have broken up.

Elle convinces Zoey to attend the event and confess her feelings to Zach. Zoey is reluctant because Zach does not have much in common with her, but when Elle points out that she and Zoey are polar opposites and are still friends, Zoey agrees to take a chance.

She goes to the event and makes an announcement to find Zach, which greatly resembles the grand gestures she wholeheartedly despises. Zoey has realized that love is not about algorithms but feelings.

When she confesses her feelings, Zach tells her that he broke up with his girlfriend because he wanted to be with her. The two of them kiss and start dating. It is a happy ending, as they are seen getting along pretty well when the credits roll.

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