The Great Seduction (2023) review: Average drama is occasionally funny

In The Great Seduction, the people of a small town come together to save their island, whose only hope is a doctor who comes to stay there for a month. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


The thriving community of Santa María, where most families make their living as fishermen, faces difficulties when a neighboring town opens up a modern fish-packing company.

The livelihood of the people of Santa María is robbed away. They now rely on the small bucks offered to them by the Unemployment Office every month.

In hopes of finding a job in the big cities, the residents of Santa María slowly move out. However, Germán, who has grown up admiring the beauty of this island, is determined to get the town back on its feet.

A fish-packing company shows interest in building a plant in the town, which will create job opportunities for the townsfolk.

The only condition the packing company has is that Santa María should have a doctor on its island, something the island has not been able to have for the past fifteen years. The townsfolk plan to seduce the doctor coming to their island into making them stay.


The cast of The Great Seduction has been able to capture the authenticity of its characters well. They effectively portray the emotions of the small-town people on an island away from the big cities, where electricity and the internet are still problems.

The cast is required to be funny in the film, and they are able to crack genuine jokes and laugh. Their performance never feels unreal.


The Great Seduction‘s cinematography and location attract the most. The island is not the most exotic one. It is a struggling island, yet there is a sense of calm here that a viewer can connect with.

The sets feel authentic, and one starts imagining their lives living in the houses here, using a single computer with slow internet in the internet cafes here, and gathering with townsfolk in the restaurants to enjoy a game of football.

The Great Seduction definitely sets the right environment for the film, with a little bit of nostalgia added as well. The situational comedy works at times, and the film is able to make one laugh and feel from time to time.


The location and cinematography don’t make up for the average plot the film has. There is nothing unique about the plot or the characters featured in the film.

When there is a feeling of authenticity in the film, the townsfolk’s lies and the illusion they create don’t feel believable, and it doesn’t fit in a film like this.


The Great Seduction gives you a calm watch that comes with occasional laughs. However, the average plot doesn’t promise that a viewer will stick around until the end.

The Great Seduction
The Great Seduction (2023) review: Average drama is occasionally funny 1

Director: Celso R. García

Date Created: 2023-08-30 12:30

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