Pinocchio (2022) review: Great animation fails to improve basic children’s story

Pinocchio (2022) is a live-action adaptation retelling the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet made by Geppetto who comes to life and wishes to become a real boy someday. The film is now streaming on Disney+.


Jiminy Cricket is a talking cricket who arrives at Geppetto’s doorstep one day. Geppetto has just finished working on a puppet that he names Pinocchio because the puppet is made out of pine wood.

When Geppetto wishes upon a wishing star, his wish comes true and Pinocchio is brought to life. However he is still a wooden puppet and to become a real boy, he must learn the difference between right and wrong and make good choices.

Jiminy Cricket is appointed as his temporary conscience to guide him on his quest. Geppetto is thrilled to have Pinocchio as part of his family but when he decides to send Pinocchio to school one day, things devolve into chaos.

After a couple of treacherous experiences, Pinocchio and Geppetto are finally reunited and get the opportunity to live happily ever after together.

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With a mix of live-action and animated characters in the film, the performances cannot necessarily be judged on a similar scale.

Tom Hanks plays Geppetto the woodcarver who longs for his son and loves Pinocchio with all of his heart. There is nothing special about his performance but Hanks has a particular charm that always endears himself to the audience.

Luke Evans and Giuseppe Battiston play the eccentric antagonists in the story and both play their parts with the right amount of villainy and malice

Among the voice actors, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the most prominent role as Jiminy Cricket and he performs with aplomb, aided by a wonderful script.


The animation is of the highest quality that is to be expected of a Walt Disney production. From the wooden puppet to various talking and silent animals, each animated character is full of life and colour.

The script stands out for its humour and jokes. Some of the jokes land perfectly and even the updated versions of the original songs are great to listen to.

The Pleasure Island sequence is a visual spectacle with all the fireworks and so many lights and rides. The entire theme park is mesmerising to watch.


Pinocchio is an age-old story that has been told countless times before and this film is no different. Apart from a few modernised bits, the base story remains the same which makes it dull.

The lighting during many of the scenes at night is an issue. It is too dark to clearly see what’s happening on screen unless the brightness is turned all the way up. It can be compared to the infamous Game of Thrones episode from the final season that was notoriously dark.


Pinocchio (2022) is an animated film better suited for younger audiences. The story isn’t improved upon in any significant manner but the animation is definitely something to witness at least once. There are a couple of jokes that adults will enjoy but as an overall experience, Pinocchio is more a passable affair.

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Director: Robert Zemeckis

Date Created: 2022-09-08 12:30

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