Mythic Quest season 3 review: A spectacular season filled with brilliant narratives

In season 3 of Mythic Quest, Ian and Poppy start their own studio and work on their next big idea while David attempts to keep things on the up and up at MQ. All episodes are now streaming on Apple TV+.


Ian and Poppy start GrimPop studios and pitch their new game “Hera” to a venture capitalist but after receiving an enormous offer, Poppy declines it and tells Ian that they will find someone better.

David is informed that there is going to be a Mythic Quest movie with him attached as executive producer and he’s very excited about this foray into Hollywood. Brad is released from prison on parole and rejoins MQ as a janitor thanks to Carol who has been promoted.

Ian and Poppy spend most of their time doing their own things and Poppy comes up with her own game idea. She tells Ian that this is what she wants to work on instead of Hera and they reach an impasse as Ian says he’s not interested in working on her game.

Dana, Rachel, Jo, and Brad go through their own journeys as they figure out what they actually want in life and how they’re going to achieve it.


Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao are once again the stars of the show as they perform their roles exceptionally well. They are equal parts humorous and dramatic and they’re given enough opportunities to showcase their range.

David Hornsby gets a chance to portray a more assertive David this season as he’s given so much more responsibility and pushed to the limits of his patience on multiple occasions.

Ashly Burch, Danny Pudi, Imani Hakim, and Jessie Ennis continue to be amazing support and get their own moments under the sun to show the audience what they’re truly made of.

They do their utmost best along with a clutch of new characters to make up for the departure of F. Murray Abraham and the reduced roles of Naomi Elperigin and Caitlin McGee. Joe Manganiello also deserves a special mention for playing himself in entertaining fashion.


The direction throughout the season is of the highest quality despite the number of people involved. Ashly Burch, Dani Pudi, and David Hornsby make their directorial debuts this season and each of them passes off with flying colors.

The script is a key reason behind the strength of this season as the jokes land flawlessly and the more emotional moments are as intense as they could possibly get.

There is a well-balanced structure to the season and the tone is consistent throughout. The series ebbs and flows accordingly, providing a wonderful narrative experience.

The self-contained episode is once again exceptional. This time the focus is on Ian and Poppy’s lives growing up and the difficulties they faced to get to where they are.


There is very little lacking from this season so any gripes that arise are minor at best. Rachel’s arc from dropping out of college to working at MQ one again is missing a few steps possibly due to the crowded nature of the storylines.


Season 3 of Mythic Quest does not let up on its predecessors and gives an equally good if not stronger set of episodes. There is extensive character growth as so many of them have their own sojourns to eventually reach the point where the building blocks of the next season are set up. Every department holds up its own as this season can be considered an all-around success.

Mythic Quest season 3
Mythic Quest season 3 review: A spectacular season filled with brilliant narratives 1

Director: Rob McElhenney, Steve Welch, Nina Pedrad, Danny Pudi, David Hornsby, Ashly Burch, Megan Ganz, Todd Biermann, Heath Cullens

Date Created: 2022-11-11 09:30

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