Make My Day (2023) review: Formulaic and predictable survival series

Make My Day is an animated survival sci-fi series following Jim, a young prison guard who fights back an alien uprising along with a ragtag group of survivors. The series is streaming on Netflix.


James Mirror is a young man working part-time as a prison guard at the White Prison. It’s located on the planet Coldfoot where humanity is mining an energy resource called Sig.

However, what people soon find out is that the planet is inhabited by creatures that feed on the Sig. Research into the creatures discovered that the creatures are near impossible to kill and are filled with combustible gas.

It is up to Jim and a small group of survivors to make it through this ordeal and safely get off the planet while keeping everyone in their party safe.


The characters are written well and each of them is given a clear role within the group dynamic. The fact that a machine comes across as charming is a credit to the animators as well, with Casper being a highlight.

The series moves at a good pace and is easy to get through. There’s just the right amount of intrigue to ensure that the series is not a droll affair.


The story is relatively predictable and relies on basic survival tropes. The animation is also a bit janky and not all moments on screen are as clear as they should be.

There are moments in the final episode where entire travel sequences are skipped as though the series was lost for time and needed to be trimmed. They get out of the military base and to the depot without too much trouble and it is very clear that those sequences were glossed over.


Make My Day (2023) is a mediocre animated series that has a decent story without too much excitement. The characters are mildly entertaining but not enough to consider it a must-watch.

Make My Day
Make My Day (2023) review: Formulaic and predictable survival series 1

Director: Makoto Honda

Date Created: 2023-02-02 13:30

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