Love Tactics 2 review: Entertaining but rehashes the rom-com formula

In Love Tactics 2, Kerem and Asli find themselves on different sides of the concept of marriage. They start plotting ways to change each other’s minds. The Turkish romantic-comedy film is now streaming on Netflix.


Asli (Demet Özdemir) and Kerem (Sükrü Özyildiz) seem to be on the same page about marriage. They both absolutely hate the idea.

However, when Asli realises that Kerem also doesn’t want to get married to her, she is shocked and suddenly changes her mind.

She starts planning ways to get Kerem to change his mind. Meanwhile, Kerem’s friends think that Asli’s stance on marriage is just a facade. He gets scared and plans of showing her that marriages don’t work.

One after another, Asli’s plans seem to just backfire and do nothing to turn the needle, until her childhood friend Bulut comes to town.

Kerem starts to get jealous of Bulut’s attractiveness and money, making him insecure. Will Kerem and Asli ever get on the same page about marriage or part ways?


Özdemir and Özyildiz’s chemistry is evident and carries the film. Asli and Kerem are both likeable characters as well, which is essential for any rom-com.

The rest of the cast does not get much to do. This is very much a story of the two main characters and the two leads do the heavy lifting.


Although the rom-com genre is getting cliched by the day, Love Tactics 2 still manages to entertain despite rehashing the same formula.

The disagreement in Asli and Kerem’s idea of marriage keeps things interesting, although you know for a fact that it will be the latter who’ll budge.

The runtime isn’t too long and the film never drags. The second half also has more substance compared to the first, giving the film a firm conclusion.


The conflict in the final act is resolved way too easily. Just when the narrative adds depth, it isn’t explored enough and feels shallow.

A lot of old and frankly problematic tropes are part of the film. A prime example is how Kerem must get jealous to understand his affection for Asli.


Love Tactics 2 is an entertaining rom-com that could be watched once. It’s neither terrible nor something to write home about.

Love Tactics 2
Love Tactics 2 review: Entertaining but rehashes the rom-com formula 1

Director: Recai Karagöz

Date Created: 2023-07-14 16:44

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