Gold Brick review: Netflix film is an enjoyable watch

In Gold Brick or Cash, a factory worker decides to tackle capitalism in his city by smuggling the perfumes he helps manufacture. The French comedy-drama is now streaming on Netflix.


Daniel Sauveur (Raphaël Quenard) is a disgruntled citizen living in Chartres, where almost everything is owned and run by the Breuil Industries. 

The monopoly is so dominant that his own attempt to start a delivery venture with his best friend, Scania (Igor Gotesman), collapsed because of economic dependency on the Breuils.

Eventually, Daniel and Scania both themselves working for the Breuil Industries in a factory that is responsible for manufacturing luxury perfumes.

One day, Daniel attempts to sell one of the perfumes on the internet. Shocked by the response, he steals a few bottles and sells them, getting a huge profit.

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He ropes Scania into his plan and the two start making a huge amount of money through this. As more and more players join the smuggling, the scale increases as well.

But such a risky plan does not come without its own obstacles. Will Daniel get away with it or will he be exposed?


Quenard is excellent as Daniel. Although frustrated by his situation, Daniel is a character that is still always optimistic and the actor captures that perfectly.

Gotesman does a decent job as Scania, while Antoine Gouy, as Patrick Breuil and Agathe Rousselle, as Virginie, also impress. The rest of the cast does not get enough screen time of depth to impress, but nobody looks out of place.


Gold Brick is quite entertaining. The initial build-up is executed well and instantly hooks you into the narrative as Daniel reveals his plight.

The plot also tackles the concepts of monopoly and capitalism. Breuil Industries are so dominant in the city that they even devour new attempts of startups.

The workers have no choice but to be employed by them. Daniel is simply one of them who has had enough. 

And he never pretends to be a saint. From the first moment, it’s clear he hates the Breuils and wants to be rich himself and this is what he attempts.

The conclusion, although a bit predictable, takes the characters through a full circle and works exceptionally well. 


The film does have its share of flaws. Although enjoyable, it does get quite predictable at times and feels like a rehash of older films.

A few situations are resolved too easily and in an improbable manner. This aspect could certainly have been improved.


Gold Brick is an entertaining watch that will keep you glued to the screen throughout, although it does not break any boundaries or innovate enough.

Gold Brick
Gold Brick review: Netflix film is an enjoyable watch 1

Director: Jérémie Rozan

Date Created: 2023-07-06 18:05

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