Cunk On Earth review: Hilarious series is expertly written and performed

Cunk on Earth is a mockumentary series following Philomena Cunk as she charts the progress of man and civilization on Planet Earth. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Philomena Cunk travels to different locations in the world as she dives deeper into the origins of man and everything that has led to modern civilization, focusing on key moments and periods in history.

From the medieval periods to the renaissance, and the industrial revolution, Cunk speaks to experts in their respective fields to find out what it was that made people tick and what led to the most significant discoveries made by humanity.

Of course, being who she is, a lot of the information that she shares isn’t exactly accurate, and the experts and thrown several curveballs as Cunk poses questions that often have very little bearing on the subject they are experts in.


“Philomena Cunk” is a fictional persona that Diane Morgan has played before and she is positively brilliant in the role. Her deadpan style of humor and oblivious personality means that the series often feels like a serious documentary, despite having very little accuracy about it.

The writing in the series is ingeniously written and similarly backed up by Morgan’s performance. There are multiple occasions where her statements start off with the slightest hint of truth before devolving into utter ridiculousness.

She’s regularly mispronouncing commonly known terms and modifying real words to silly alternatives in a bid to make her sound smarter and all this adds to the humor of the series.

The cinematography and sound design are also highlights of the series as Cunk On Earth appears to be as authentic as a mockumentary can possibly be. The key elements of any documentary are captured here with stunning accuracy.


If criticism had to be raised about this series, it would be that it carried out too good of a job in making itself look legitimate, and people expecting an informative yet funny documentary would get all of the funny but only a small sliver of relevant information.


Cunk on Earth is a fantastic return to the screen for Philomena Cunk as Diane Morgan travels the world and speaks to experts with horrendously inaccurate information and often profound philosophical questions. This mockumentary is a riot fit into 5 episodes and Cunk explores the progression of humanity with side-splitting results.

Cunk on Earth
Cunk On Earth review: Hilarious series is expertly written and performed 1

Director: Christian Watt

Date Created: 2023-01-31 13:30

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