Big Mouth season 7 review: Still going strong and eager for more

Big Mouth season 7 follows the kids of Bridgeton Middle School as they get set for the jump to high school and new social situations. The series is streaming on Netflix.


A new chapter in high school awaits the children of Bridgeton middle school and there is a mix of anticipation and fear over what is to come. Andrew wants to reimagine himself and shed his worrisome reputation while Nick is going to a different place and has to make new friends.

Jessi finds a group she fits in with, but not before making her stepmother uncomfortable. Missy and Elijah go through a troublesome path in their relationship and Missy also worries about high school the most.

New relationships are made, emotional growth is achieved, and significant life decisions are made at this key juncture.


The writing is clever as always. With such a stacked writer’s room and a host of comedians on the cast, the dialogues are inspiring and still remain within the raunchy theme of the series. The meta-humor is also subtle and delivered perfectly.

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Another wonderful aspect of Big Mouth is its musical numbers, and getting artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Lin-Manuel Miranda add quite of lot of star power and quality.

The international filler episode is very sweet and has some wonderful songs showcasing the diversity and yet staying on brand. Talented musicians and voice actors are highlighted in a single episode with a nice message.


The international episode does take a safe approach (with respect to the show’s usual standards) and they could have possibly done more exploring foreign cultures, even if it is still quite a good episode.


Big Mouth continues to portray important issues in a light-hearted yet respectable manner and season 7 does feel like a key point as the children head to high school for a host of new experiences. The jokes are still fresh and incredibly disgusting in a fun way, offering hope for any upcoming seasons.

Big Mouth season 7
Big Mouth season 7 review: Still going strong and eager for more 1

Date Created: 2023-10-20 12:30

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