Best. Christmas. Ever! review: Just your average Netflix Christmas movie

In Best. Christmas. Ever!, former friends Charlotte Sanders and Jackie Jennings spend a Christmas together, and their lives end up changing forever. The comedy film is now streaming on Netflix.


Jackie Jennings (Brandy Norwood) sends out letters to her friends and family every year for Christmas to give an update. After a one-year hiatus, she sends them again.

Her former friend, Charlotte Sanders (Heather Graham), is envious of all the achievements of the Jennings and believes it’s all fake.

When her son deliberately puts Jackie’s location instead of her sister’s the Sanders are forced to spend Christmas with the Jennings.

As her jealousy grows, Charlotte sets out to prove that the achievements are fabricated but ends up stumbling on a few revelations that could force her to reconsider what she believed.

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The entire cast gives the typical Christmas movie performance. A bit over the top, slightly endearing but hardly believable.


While it’s mostly your typical holiday film, it does attempt to bring in a substantial twist that works to a degree and might catch you by surprise.

Best. Christmas. Ever! Doesn’t overstay its welcome. At a runtime of less than one and a half hour, it doesn’t drag and will keep you engaged if you’re not expecting too much.


For most of the film, Charlotte is shown as an adult who literally acts like a child. It’s not believable at all that someone would sneak around another person’s house like she does.

A lot of the film is far-fetched. The climax takes it to another level and will leave you wondering whether it’s even the same film.


Best. Christmas. Ever! has enough if you’re looking for a light-hearted, harmless watch, but anything more and this would be a pass.

Best. Christmas. Ever!
Best. Christmas. Ever! review: Just your average Netflix Christmas movie 1

Director: Mary Lambert

Date Created: 2023-11-15 17:09

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