AP Dhillon: First of a Kind review: Largely uneventful docuseries has its moments

AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is a Prime Video docuseries tracing the titular singer’s journey from humble beginnings to global stardom.


The docuseries begins with AP Dhillon returning home to Punjab after four years since he went off to Vancouver, Canada. He and his team of four collaborators started out very humble in a garage and see their work doing great when they start publishing songs online.

Soon, others take note of AP’s talent and of the talented people around him, and the production gets amped up. The second episode follows the singer and his team as they enter the touring phase. They then step up for arenas and tickets are all sold out.

A couple of hitches along the way become lessons and they come back stronger. The songs chart and they witness a meteoric rise. The docu-series concludes with AP’s performance at the Lollapalooza festival in Mumbai, India.


At the core of AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is an inspirational story that is seriously impressive. Four guys tinkering around with a humble production setup and making it big through sheer talent and game-changing aesthetic is obviously a story of motivation.

The personal moments throughout the docuseries are where it truly shines. Meanwhile, the discography of Dhillon makes for some of the grooviest breaks from the main narrative.


The docuseries doesn’t dwell on the moments that make it worthwhile and instead spends too much time on the banalities of the behind-the-scenes footage.

It’s just not rousing or interesting to see what challenges present themselves during the touring and performances. It’s not because it’s inherently uneventful, but because it comes across that way here.


AP Dhillon: First of a Kind exudes a charm similar to that of the titular singer and his work, in that it’s quite a wholesome, understated, and chill affair, but the pack of an eventful or rousing narrative/direction fails to hold one’s attention for a lot of the runtime.

AP Dhillon: First of a Kind season 1
AP Dhillon: First of a Kind review: Largely uneventful docuseries has its moments 1

Director: Jay Ahmed

Date Created: 2023-08-18 00:00

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