Tulsa King season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Caprice

In episode 3 of Tulsa King, Dwight faces an attempt on his life and tries to find out who’s got it out for him. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


A standoff occurs at a rundown house between the authorities and a man named Dumont. Another man rides up on a motorcycle and appears to know Dumont but doesn’t offer much help.

Stacy is also at this standoff which ends terribly as Dumont blows up the house with him in it.

Dwight is enjoying his morning coffee when he sees a white horse trotting about. The waitress says that its name is Pilot and it is an old horse that roams around these parts.

Dwight is practising his driving with Tyson in the passenger seat helping him out. Tyson says he wants to rise up the ranks in the mafia but Dwight tries to discourage him from it.

They head to Bodhi’s where there is a huge party going on. He notices some people doing nitrous oxide and finds out from Bodhi what kind of money there is in selling the gas.

He talks to Mitch about getting some nitrous in bulk because he owns a bar. He plans to sell it at an upcoming music festival to make some heavy cash.

Dwight is headed to his driving test while Tyson is still adamant about joining the mafia and living that life. Armand watches Dwight from afar and follows them. Dwight picks up the driving instructor and gets his test underway.

While they’re at a stoplight, Armand drives up with a ski mask on and shoots them but Dwight and the instructor get down in time. He gives chase but Armand eventually gets away.

Dwight is brought in by the police for questioning and they are highly suspicious of him but Stacy shows up and lets him know that he can live. They have dinner together and Stacy sleeps with Dwight once again.

Dwight calls up Chickie the next day to find out if Vince had anything to do with the attack but Chickie insists it has to be someone else. Stacy and some other agents are reviewing footage of a gang of criminals.

The man with the motorcycle at the beginning is in the footage. His name is Caolan Waltrip and he’s the head of a dangerous motorcycle gang called the Black Macadam. The team plans to observe the members of the gang further.

Dwight visits the driving instructor at the hospital and pays him some cash for his troubles. He then gives him the information he had about the car that attacked and asks the instructor to find out whatever he can.

Dwight tries to cut Tyson off yet again but Tyson is adamant that he wants to work in this world so Dwight accepts his decision. He then tells Tyson to take his damaged car and exchange it for something new.

Stacy visits the site of the blast and finds a stray dog that she takes back home. Dwight learns that the car Armand uses was dumped and they head out to investigate.

Armand tried to burn the car down but he left the doors and windows closed so the fire died out. They find some evidence pointing to a horse ranch a couple of miles away and Dwight checks it out on his own.

He meets the owner, Margaret Devereaux, and asks her if she knows anyone at her farm who is capable of shooting someone. Margaret doesn’t give him much and sends him on his way.

Dwight waits outside the ranch and keeps watch as Stacy calls him to talk about her new dog. He ends the call when he sees Armand driving out and he follows him to his house.

He thinks about doing something but stops himself when he sees Armand being greeted by his young son outside the door.


  • Episode 3 is a weaker offering as the groundwork is still being laid and characters and relationships are slowly being established. The series has an interesting premise and good characters but it is taking its time to get going.
  • Sylvester Stallone continues to remain the standout so far with him getting a mammoth’s share of the screen time. People like Tyson, Stacy, Bodhi and Mitch must be given more focus going forward.
  • There is still no clear explanation of who Armand is and what his connection to Dwight is. Hopefully, that will be covered in the next episode and justifies that build-up.
Tulsa King season 1 episode 3
Tulsa King season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Caprice 1

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