Trolley season 1 episode 11 recap & review: The Nightmare

In Trolley season 1 episode 11, Hye-Joo confronts Joong-Do about his political maneuverings while Lee Yoo-Sin learns about Hye-Joo’s current identity and connection to her recent problems.


Hye-Joo learns from Joong-Do’s assistants that he’d already made up his mind about going public with her sexual assault case of the past, before taking her consent for it.

She confronts him about it and he apologizes to her. Later, Ki-Young meets Hye-Joo at her workplace and Apologizes for asking for her apology earlier on.

Meanwhile, Joong-Do’s efforts for the bill reach Assemblyman Kang’s ears, who asks his advisor to dig more into this bill and inform him. He also reveals Hye-Joo’s identity to Lee Yoo-Sin, who happens to catch her and Ki-Young later on.

She also overhears them and learns that he’s the one who leaked their land acquisition information to them. Furious and swearing revenge, she drives away in her car, only to get into a car accident and fall unconscious, before Ki-Young admits her to a hospital.

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Because of these new developments, Ki-Young decides to pull out of his arrangement and deny the evidence to Joong-Do, but Woo-Jae meets him later and threatens to reveal his secret to his wife, lest he chooses to withdraw the evidence.

Meanwhile, Soo-Bin meets with the guy who it’s later revealed is her boyfriend. He gives her the phone back and she gives him the ransom. He also gives her the bag Hye-Joo gave him to hand her.

Before leaving the bar, she breaks up with him, and he accepts it without any questions. He earlier also manipulates her view of Hye-Joo by telling her that the Assemblyman’s wife most probably housed her to avoid any controversy.

Joong-Do asks Hye-Joo to make a TV appearance for her story, which she can’t accept and when Yoon-Seo overhears them fighting, they tell her about her past.

Yoon-Seo opines that her mother should go ahead and make that TV appearance, for even if it won’t help her case, it’d be helpful for the greater good.

Trolley season 1 episode 11 ends after Joong-Do calls Hye-Joo and tells her that Ji-Hoon committed sexual assault, as Soo-Bin goes to a police station and files a report.


  • Trolley season 1 episode 11 throws a curveball at the last minute, with a revelation that feels a little like a retcon but isn’t really, since the hints to Soo-Bin’s sexual assault were dropped right when Hye-Joo asked her about it.
  • It makes sense why Soo-Bin, a pregnant girl with no place to be and no one to call her own would keep her sexual assault a secret in order to have a roof over her head.
  • With the shocking revelation, the stage for the finality of Trolley is also set, as Joong-Do and Hye-Joo must decide between the bill that would also require them to go against their son, and their family’s stability and peace.
Trolley season 1 episode 11
Trolley season 1 episode 11 recap & review: The Nightmare 1

Director: Kim Moon-kyo

Date Created: 2023-01-30 20:00

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