Sofia Wylie and Sophia Ann Caruso talk about ‘The School for Good and Evil’

Sofia Wylie and Sophia Ann Caruso, stars of the upcoming Netflix film ‘The School for Good and Evil’, talked about the relationship between their characters and them in real life.

The two play Agatha (Wylie) and Sophia (Caruso), two best friends who end up on opposing sides after being sent to a magical school that trains heroes and villains to maintain the balance between good and evil.

When asked what they would want viewers to know about their characters, Wylie stated: “Both of the girls have strengths that complement each other. When one of the characters is faltering, the other is there to pick them up. And yes, while they might fight and argue, at the end of the day, they love each other!”

Caruso added: “I’m excited for viewers to see an example of friendship between two female protagonists [like Agatha and Sophie]. The movie is full of magic, but the real heart of it and the true magic is their love.”

Talking about how they worked on their chemistry, Wylie said that they spent time together on and off the set.

Caruso elaborated by revealing that they first met on a video call and had an inkling that they would be great friends from that moment.

“We worked so closely and, over the course of months of shooting, I got to understand her goofy sense of humor and, to be honest, I didn’t have to invent chemistry… it was just there,” she said.

‘The School for Good and Evil’ will release worldwide on Netflix on October 19.

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