Netflix releases trailer for sci-fi film Rim of the World

Netflix has released a trailer for the new Sci-fi adventure that is set to premiere on May 24th.

The movie titled ‘Rim of the World’ will revolve around four campers who must band together to save earth which has been suddenly infested by aliens.

The movie’s trailer shows four misfit children who find themselves stranded in their camp while aliens attack the planet. Some of the scenes in the trailer give off a Stranger Things vibe with the cinematography also paying homage in a shot similar to Jurassic Park.

The movie has been directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol who is also known as McG. You might know him from some of his previous work in The Babysitter & Charlie’s Angels.

Zack Stentz is the writer, who also helped pen Thor & X-Men First Class. The cast actors include stars like Tony Cavalero (School of Rock) and Jack Gore ( The Kids Are Alright ).

Rim of the World releases May 24th on Netflix.

Here’s the trailer:

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