Kill-Fist: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Kill-Fist is a Malaysian action-thriller movie where a desperate father, on the verge of losing his daughter’s custody, signs up for a game to get some money. But things take a strange turn. 

Release date

Kill-Fist is set to premiere on August 31 on Netflix. 

Cast & creators

  • Pearlly Chua
  • Mike Chuah
  • Jovi Heng
  • Yeet Koe
  • Sunny Pang

Written by James Lee

Directed by James Lee


“Zhang a middle-aged man struggling with a dead-end job as an insurance salesperson, on the verge of divorce with his wife, losing custody of her daughter and on top of all this he had to take care of his father who’s suffering Alzheimer’s. Unknowingly Zhang was invited to join an underground fighting game for financial purposes but eventually, Zhang becomes hooked on the fights and turns professional.”

Other details

The director of Kill-Fist, James Lee, is considered one of the pioneers of the Malaysian Digital Film movement. His films have won awards in film festivals in Bangkok, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore.


A strange game is at play with masked men who are the game masters. Along with that, several possible opponents are getting ready to fight each other. 

There is one man, against all, fighting with zeal and technique with a story to tell and a reason to fight for.

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