Hello Mini 2 on MX Player: The “Stranger” is back

After a successful run in 2019, ‘Hello Mini’, starring Anuja Joshi, is back with season 2 to keep its audience guessing. Adapted from The Stranger Trilogy written by Novoneel Chakraborty, ‘Hello Mini’ is a horror cum romance web series.

The teaser shows the independent and confident Rivanah Banerjee aka Mini (Joshi), petrified by the return of the “stranger”, an unknown supernatural figure into her life. In the first season, Mini had encountered the “stranger” who changed her life for good and for bad.

In the teaser, Mini is seen running in fear across the rooms of her apartment and into grotesque police stations. Season 2 will have Mini try to deduce who the “stranger” is this time around.

The MX Player original series is produced by Applause Entertainment and directed by Arjun Srivasstava.

Here’s the teaser of ‘Hello Mini 2’:

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