How I Became A Superhero ending explained: Does Moreau stop the expanding drug empire?

‘How I Became A Superhero’ is a French superhero movie based on a novel by Gérald Bronner, written and directed by Douglas Attal. The movie marks the feature debut for Douglas Attal after directing some short films. The movie first premiered at the Deauville Film Festival back in September 2020 and is now streaming on Netflix.

‘How I Became A Superhero’ is set in a world where human beings and superheroes with special abilities coexist. But a new superpower-inducing drug spreads quickly on the streets of Paris, giving special abilities to the mortals. This sets a chaotic chain of events in the city. 

To stop the spread of drugs, Lieutenant Moreau and Schaltzmann are assigned the job to investigate the matter and find its origin. Their search leads them to get into different situations, including a hostage situation in high school, and a fire incident at a nightclub.

Assisting them are two former superheroes Monte Carlo and Callista, part of The Pack Royal, the superhero trio fighting the rivals.

As they go along on their journey to stop the spread of drugs, new drugs get spotted on the streets and new enemies emerge. Also, Moreau’s past resurfaces and the case becomes more complex.

How can such drugs be made? Who is after the production of such drugs? What new kind of drug emerges on the streets? What was Moreau’s past? Will Moreau be able to save the city from the chaos?

How I Became A Superhero ending explained in detail:

The mysterious drug

On learning that the superpower inducing drugs matches with the abilities of a superhero named Brasero, the police start the hunt for him to get answers. But a body brought into the forensics after a fire in suburbs is revealed to be of Brasero. 

The doctor further informs Lieutenant Moreau and Schaltzmann that the drug has been made by Brasero’s blood, using exsanguination.

Moreau’s hidden power and truth

While the police attempt to uncover the case, a flashback reveals a secret related to Lieutenant Moreau in parts. 

When the Pack Royal were still actively working to eradicate crimes on the streets of Paris, Lieutenant Moreau discovered his special floating abilities in their presence for the first time. 

Gigaman, the third superhero discovered Moreau’s potential and he was promoted to become the liaison officer for the Pack Royal.

While Moreau was on a mission with the Pack Royal, he attempted to save Gigaman’s life by using his unpolished power. Instead, he ended up injuring him, leading to his death.

This tragic secret was held by him, Monte Carlo, and Callista, and soon their team broke up.

The research and final battle

The situation gets more challenging for Moreau as a new superpower-inducing drug emerges leading to blindness. When Gigaman’s daughter Lily gets kidnapped, an even more dangerous drug made from her blood gets spotted. 

Carlo gets the lead of Lily’s shrink Elizabeth Caghieri, and the interesting fact about her is that she was Brasero’s shrink too. Carlo bugs her place and further investigation conducted by Lieutenant Schaltzmann reveals that she was researching the link between psychiatric disorders in superhumans and their powers. 

When a ten-year-old child with superpowers was brought to her by his parents for diagnosis, she managed to remove his powers but at the cost of his sanity. The child turns out to be Naja, the man behind the superpower-inducing drugs who has abducted Lily. 

Moreau, Schaltzmann, Carlo, and Callista attack Naja’s hideout to put an end to his evil actions. Naja and his men take the blue drugs made from Lily’s blood, giving them laser powers. While Schaltzmann, Carlo, and Callista handle Naja’s army, Moreau chases Naja who is using Lily as a means to escape. By using his powers, Moreau takes Naja in the sky, as he explodes into blue dust.

The news of the new superhero gets aired all across Paris, who gets named Titan by the public. Schaltzmann gets assigned a new role as the liaison for the Pack Royal. Schaltzmann gifts a mask to Moreau, which he wears and flies high in the sky. Thus, the movie ends with the establishment of peace in the city.

In a credit scene, Lily can be seen sketching a superhero in a costume who resembles her.

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