You Do You (2023) summary and ending explained

You Do You is a Turkish rom-com film that follows Merve, an aspiring fashion designer whose life is turned upside down after her father sells her house. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Merve lives with her mother, Nevra Kultur, a former renowned journalist who has now retired. She is constantly followed by a mysterious figure.

She wants to be a fashion designer and work at a fashion magazine but struggles to get the right opportunity. She also finds her boyfriend, Erdem, cheating on her.

To make things worse, her father has to settle his debts by selling the building she and her mother live in. Nevra and he are separated but never got a divorce, despite him being with another woman and having a son with her.

One day when Merve is stoned with her friends, they come up with the idea of a dating app where all the users wear masks to encourage interest based on personalities and not faces.

Merve’s friend Nil, hearing about her ambition to excel in fashion, encourages her to build herself as a brand on social media and she starts to actually get some traction.

They pitch the startup idea to the wealthy and successful Anil Gurman, who agrees to get investors for the dating app: Soulmates. What Merve does not know is that he is the same person that has been following her.

He offers her a job at his E-commerce platform ‘WhatIsThis’ alongside investing in the startup, but instructs his subordinate to make her life hell.

Merve attempts to have a heartfelt conversation with her father about him abandoning her as a child but he doesn’t understand and offers to help her with money.

Anil and Merve begin talking through Soulmates. He knows her identity, as she is disguised as a gazelle which was discussed earlier, but she remains unaware as he is wearing a wolf mask. She starts discussing her life with him.

He helps her cope with her struggles and gives her profound advice to navigate her life and her work problems.

Eventually, Merve starts to get suspicious when the wolf wears the same jacket that she suggested Anil get tailored for himself.

Anil’s company decides to organise a fashion competition, one of Merve’s ideas that were stolen by her colleague, and she decides to participate.

One night, Anil and Merve are alone in his office and sparks fly. She becomes sure that he is the wolf on the dating app.

You Do You ending explained in detail:

Why does Anil want revenge against Merve’s family?

Anil meets Nevra and the details of the past finally come to light. Anil lived in the same building as Merve and Nevra before her father bought it from his father, who had to pay his debts. 

This forced Anil and his family onto the streets and he wanted revenge for this. He has been plotting this for years.

However, Nevra reveals that she was just doing her job when she exposed his illegal export ring. They bought the building because his mother needed to pay their debts.

He further alleges that she seduced his father. But she retorts that he was always in love with her and not the other way around, even giving him love letters that he wrote to her.

Nevra tells Anil to stay away from her family. He realises that Merve has figured out his identity and they kiss but he leaves as he knows she won’t forgive him for what he did.

Does Anil make amends?

Anil and the investors kill the dating app by adding unreasonable subscription prices. Nevra tells Merve the entire truth about Anil and their past.

She then encourages her to pursue her fashion goals while she plans to get back to working in a new online newsroom. She gets a divorce from her husband as well.

Merve works on her collection and wins the fashion competition. Meanwhile, Anil meditates on a mountain and seeks advice from a monk. He realises that he needs to make amends.

Anil returns to Istanbul and puts the names of everyone living in the building in the lease. When Merve’s friends Nil and Murat get married, Anil decides to talk to her.

He makes a heartfelt apology and asks for her forgiveness. She asks for some time to think about it.

Do Anil and Merve end up together?

Later, Merve has finally gotten her dream job at the fashion magazine she always wanted to work at.

Anil asks her again about her answer to whether she is willing to give him another chance. She replies with a yes and they get back together.

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