Virgin River season 5 part 2 summary and ending explained

In the second part of Virgin River season 5, the residents of the town celebrate Christmas, but not without the drama that comes with the holidays. The second part is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

This year, Jack’s newly divorced parents and Mel’s sister are coming to Virgin River to celebrate Christmas with them. Jack is excited to have a family Christmas, but things do not go as planned when Jack’s mother shows up with her new boyfriend, Javier.

Brie tries to smooth things out between her parents, but it does not work because her father is too upset to see his ex-wife with her boyfriend. He even thinks of going back home instead of celebrating Christmas with his family.

Mel’s sister, Joey, brings the letters that their mother wrote to Mel’s biological father, the man with whom Mel’s mother had an affair. When she got pregnant with Mel, she told him about it. Mel’s father wanted to be in Mel’s life, but Mel’s mother refused because she did not want to break her family.

Mel knows that her biological father used to live in Virgin River. Jack and Mel decide to look for him, as Mel wants him to be a part of her life. They do not know his name, but they do have the letters he wrote to Mel’s mother, and their search begins.

After following several clues, Mel and Jack find out that a man named Everett Reid is Mel’s biological father. Mel pays him a visit, but the man tells her that he is not Everett Reid. Mel realizes that he is lying to her, which dashes her hope of having her biological father in her life.  

Lizzie’s mother has come to celebrate Christmas with her. Now that her mother is finally proud of her, Lizzie is worried that telling her about her pregnancy would change that. She wants to share the news with her mother, but she keeps stalling. 

Eventually, her mother overhears her talking to Hope and finds out about it. As Lizzie had feared, her mother is not too happy to know that her teenage daughter is pregnant.

Lizzie’s mother does not want Lizzie to sacrifice her life for Denny or their baby. Once Lizzie assures her that she is not sacrificing anything, her mother agrees to support her decision.

Preacher is happy with Kaia and even tells her that he loves her. Although she is not ready to say it back to him, she applies for and gets the job of Virgin River’s fire chief to show Preacher that she wants to be with him.

With Brady’s help, Lark was able to get a job at the local B&B and a roof over her head. Brady is dating Lark and gets along with Hazel, Lark’s daughter, but he is still not over Brie, who is with Mike now. 

Cameron’s ex-fiancée, Michelle, comes to Virgin River to meet him. Since Cameron is dating Muriel, he is reluctant to talk to her. He agrees to hear her out when she insists. Michelle tells Cameron that she has been clean for months now. 

Michelle wants to be with Cameron again, get married to him, and start a family. However, Cameron makes it clear to Michelle that he is happy with Muriel and that he only wants to be with her. 

When Charmaine goes into labor, Mel finds out that Calvin is the father of her children. Calvin is not in prison because he cooperated with the FBI, which led to them dropping all the charges.

Mel promises her not to tell Jack anything about it. She also assures a worried Charmaine that she will be the one raising her children, so they will not end up like their father. Charmaine then gives birth to her two boys.

Virgin River season 5 part 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Mel’s father change his mind?

After realizing that her biological father does not want anything to do with her, Mel decides to celebrate Christmas with people who have chosen to be in her life. She is not going to be upset about her father’s rejection.

After delivering Charmaine’s babies, Doc tells Mel that he is proud of her like a father and that he is there for her. Mel takes this opportunity to ask him to walk her down the aisle, and Doc gladly says yes. 

Later, Mel’s father comes to meet her. He admits that when he saw her earlier, he did not know what to say to her, but he wants to be in her life now. He even brings the letters that Mel’s mother wrote to him. He also informs Mel that he has something important to tell her.

How does the holiday season end for the characters? 

Brady and Brie are friends now, but Brady still admits to her that it is hard for anyone to witness the person they love move on. Brady and Brie almost kiss, but they move apart when Jack arrives there.

Jack and Brie force their parents to resolve their differences. As their parents talk things out, their father no longer has a problem with Javier celebrating Christmas with them. In fact, he gets along with Javier, as the two men have a lot in common.

When Muriel finds out about Cameron rejecting Michelle’s offer to start a family, she tells him that she does not want children. This does not change Cameron’s mind; he still wants to be with Muriel. 

Despite his assurance, Muriel insists that Cameron take some time and think about his decision, as she does not want to be the reason for Cameron not having the life that he wants.

While Jack gets Mel a dog for Christmas, Doc wants to marry Hope again. He proposes to her, and she says yes. Doc and Hope also win the town’s Christmas tree decorating contest, which Hope and her friends take very seriously. 

What troubles await the characters?

In the first part of this season, a body was found buried in the woods. Although Wes’ body was found, the authorities had not identified it yet, which put Preacher at ease. Mike now informs Preacher that the body has been identified. 

The news worries Preacher, who knows that this might not end well for him. Kaia questions Preacher about the issue that is troubling him, but it is not known whether Preacher confides in her or not.

On top of that, it is revealed that Lark has an ulterior motive. She is planning something with Hazel’s father, who turns out to be Jimmy, Calvin’s right-hand man. Jimmy is in prison, but he is going to use Brady, who does not suspect anything.

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