Toy Boy season 2 summary and ending explained

The Spanish miniseries ‘Toy Boy’ is out with its second instalment; and resumes with the cliffhangers of the previous season and traces the saga of the ‘Toy Boys’- a group of male strippers of Marbella and their ultra-rich customers, with several twists and turns.


Arrested for the murder of his lover’s husband, stripper Hugo (Jesus Mosquera) is convicted to 15 years of imprisonment. The first season solely focuses on the flashbacks to the night of the murder- of which Hugo remembers nothing! The season ends with Hugo, with the help of his fellow strippers and friends- ‘The Toy Boys’, finding the actual murderer and getting free.

And as the big twist- the murdered husband, Philip, turns out to be very much alive. This prompts Hugo and Triana (Maria Pedraza), the lawyer who helped in acquitting him, in revealing a huge web that had Hugo ending up behind the bars in the first place.

The second season of ‘Toy Boy’ is no bed of roses, as it begins right away with a huge bomb blast at the Inferno, fatally leaving Triana, at the brink of her death. Hugo sets out to find the person behind the blast and avenge her.

Macarena (Cristina Castano), Hugo’s lover from season 1 and the ‘lover’ whose husband’s murder he was convicted of, carries on her course for therapy against her sex addiction, with the help of a guru. She later leaves the clinic as she tries getting her son back, indicating that this might be the last we would see of her. Or perhaps not.

The Toy Boys- the gang of male strippers including Hugo, settle for a job at ‘One Per Cent’, a new luxury Striptease club in Marbella, which is also housing Triana’s killer. This is a cover under which they try to investigate the culprit behind the explosion at the Inferno. They begin to encounter a new set of challenges and adversaries. Soon, they get to perform for a special guest.

Hugo is on his struggle to treat the injured Triana, and he is trying to cover her medical bills. He has to bow down to the whims of ‘One Per Cent’, and go against his moral code. He begins to take an interest in someone (Rania). After a while, he gets a visit from an old prison mate.

Through his wooing tactics, El Turco (Alex Gonzalez) joins hands with Macarena, and he assigns Rania (Federica Sabatini), his sister to go after David, the Chief of Security. Rania ends up getting kidnapped. Benigna (Adelfa Calvo) offers her old house to Macarena as a sign of peace, while she continues to wield control over Medina-Rojas.

Triana has begun to gain her strength back. When the Toy Boys reach a dead end in their investigation, Triana resolves to hunt down her killer herself. In the process, Triana finds a clue that can open up several big secrets. Ivan (Jose De la Torre) finds himself at crossroads.

Rania’s Kidnapper turns out to be the retired commissioner Zapata (Pedro Casablanc), and she manages to set herself free, ruining Zapata’s plans. Things turn sour in Macarena’s house, with her relationship turning bleak with Turco. Macarena has to deal with Borja- who comes up to her with a difficult request.

Hugo, continuing his dancing job at ‘One Per Cent’, begins to scheme against El Turco, who has reconciled again with Macarena. An unexpected alliance begins to form against Turco, behind his own back, as Hugo decides to help Dario (Jose Manuel Seda) with his job.

Andrea (Juanjo Almeida) aims to take over the family business and surpass his mother- Macarena.

‘Toy Boy’ season 2 ending explained in detail(Episode 8: Opportunities):

Marriage Preparations and a Bittersweet goodbye

Thanks to their strong bond despite various ups and downs throughout this season, it isn’t a surprise when Macarena and Turco decide to marry. Whether this union is pure carnal or a product of their business deal- that’s for the viewers to decide.

Meanwhile, on the run from Turco’s henchmen, Hugo comes out of his hiding to bid goodbye to Triana. They end up in a life-threatening situation.

Rania’s decision

In her bid to achieve her goal to find David before her brother, Turco’s sister Rania has taken a decision that might endanger her life. It might become a cliffhanger that gets cleared in the next season if there is one.

A blow to Andrea

Andrea shows the idea of a film to Jairo (Carlo Costanzia), his love interest. Healing from his traumas of the past, there’s a storm waiting for him. With a resolve to carry on his mother- Macarena’s legacy, Andrea is about to deal with a crushing financial defeat.

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