Tall Girl 2 summary and ending explained

In Tall Girl 2, Jodi, a 16-year-old, who turns out to be more than six feet tall, is at the centre of the story, and as it turns out, there is more about her to add.


The relationship between Jodi and Dunkleman begins on a lovely note, with the two sharing romantic moments. Jodi has become one of the popular kids at school as a result of her speech at the Homecoming dance, who high-fives other students instead of staring down the hallways.

Her newfound fame and her new desire of appearing in the Spring musical, however, prove to be huge roadblocks in her otherwise smooth relationship with Dunkleman.

She finds herself fighting her own fears and dealing with anxiety attacks. After landing the lead part of Kim in the musical ‘Bye Bye Birdie’, Jodi is bewildered.

Her insecurities are calling to her through a voice within her head. Tommy plays the lead opposite Jodie in Bye Bye Birdie and is a possible new love interest of her.

Jodi deals with typical adolescent issues. She carries a lot of weight on her shoulders between the boy she’s dating, her friendships, bullying, the musical, and her uncomfortable parents. She is under a great deal of stress and feels completely overwhelmed.

By focusing on her confidence, Jodi eventually discovers a means to filter out that negative voice. She makes the decision to govern her mind rather than the other way around. Her parents go above and beyond to ensure that their children succeed.

Meanwhile, others are struggling with their own insecurities, while Jodi is battling negative thoughts in her head.

Harper, Jodi’s sister, is attempting to prove that she is capable of more than just competing in beauty pageants. Fareeda wishes for her parents to believe in her goals of becoming a fashion designer. Dunkleman’s connection with Jodi is often questioned.

If you still have doubts from the ending, here’s a breakdown.

Tall Girl 2 ending explained in detail:


Jodi has been troubled by an inner voice that tells her she’s not good enough since the beginning of rehearsals, as well as the bully Kimmy, who she beat to the lead role and is now determined to ensure Jodi flakes out.

Kimmy wants to enlist Schnipper in her plots, but he refuses since he has a crush on Jodi as a result of their kiss in the first film. Kimmy finds out that she doesn’t have to do much to upset Jodi, and her first week of rehearsals doesn’t go as planned, despite Tommy’s assurances.

The strain eventually takes its toll on Jodi’s relationship with the creepily obsessed Jack, who, after promising her she can skip their anniversary dinner to rehearse, becomes enraged when she actually does. They part soon after, and Jodi becomes close to Tommy, with whom she shares a kiss one night.

Jodi appears to reconcile with Jack, but when she admits that she kissed someone while they were still together, Jack overreacts, and the two break up for good. He makes a contract with Stig’s sister Stella, who is going through her own break-up, and swears to never see her again.

Burning ceremony

Jodi participates in the pre-show practice of a “burning ceremony”, which purges the cast of any negativity before the performance. She intends to set fire to the shoes Jack gave her in the first film, but she changes her mind halfway through. Kimmy is the one who saves them from the fire, which marks the beginning of her bully redemption.

Despite the fact that he is interested in her, Jodi admits to Tommy that she is still not over Jack, and the two agree to merely be friends.

Jodi gives Fareeda her blessing to date Stig at the pre-opening night celebration, and Jack appears to give Jodi a pep talk. Stella also gives him a long-overdue scolding for his reaction to Jodi’s kiss with Tommy.

Happily ever after

Despite her parents’ guidance on how to deal with nervousness, Jodi is still having trouble with her inner voice on the opening night of the show. Kimmy completes her redemption by declining Jodi’s offer to take her place on stage, instead telling Jodi that she will wait in the wings and provide signals if she forgets anything.

Of course, opening night is a success, and after the show, Jodi finally silences her inner critic by reminding herself, that she is good enough to do this. When Jack arrives, he discloses that he has been photographing in the lighting booth all night.

Jack confesses his love for Jodi, and the two reconcile and kiss, ensuring that everyone lives happily ever after.

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