Make Me Believe summary and ending explained

Make Me Believe or Sen Inandir is a Turkish comedy-drama film that follows Deniz and Sahra, two childhood friends who are reunited thanks to their grandmothers. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Deniz and Sahra, who were childhood neighbours, get calls from their respective grandmothers that there’s an emergency, The two reach the location but they do not pick up their calls.

It turns out the grandmothers, Aysel and Semiha, had just been enjoying a day at the beach and just wanted them to come visit, with the hidden intention of reuniting the two. During the attempt to break into the house, Sahra had broken Deniz’s helmet, which he now deems useless.

Sahra has an intense rivalry at work with Karem, who always wants to be one step ahead of her. In his recent attempt, he gets a model to shoot for the latest cover of the magazine they work at.

Sahra and Deniz continue living in the same house but remain hostile towards each other for some reason, even though they were close in the past.

To make sure she gets the cover instead of Karem, Sahra plans to get an interview with Deniz Tunali, a famous photographer who recently turned down one of the most prestigious global awards.

He is also the first in nearly 50 years to turn it down and there is no photo of him online; his face is still a mystery. Nobody is able to get an interview with him either, but Sahra manages to get the contact of his representative.

When Sahra notices a photo she recognises at Deniz’s house, she realises that he is the very photographer she has been looking for.

She calls her friend from work, Ahu, to help her get the interview. They try to befriend Deniz and his rep, Ulas.

To mend things for breaking his helmet, Sahra asks Ahu to get a replacement. However, she accidentally gets one with a feminine design.

Ahu manages to get Sahra and Deniz to go on a bike ride. They begin to open up to each other. They have a moment, but Sahra pushes him into the water for amusement. He loses his cool when his bike keys go missing in the water.

He gets angry and starts avoiding her. Aysel and Semiha come up with a new plan to reunite them. They ask two men to harass Sahra before Deniz, hoping he would protect her.

But this massively backfires as Sahra beats them up on her own and Deniz has to step in to actually protect the men from her. The police arrive and arrest all four.

Sahra and Deniz are freed from prison and return on the bike, but Sahra has a phobia. When he ridicules her, she breaks down. She reveals to him that she lost her parents in a bike accident.

After a heartfelt conversation, the two kiss, finally acting upon their mutual feelings of attraction. They finally talk about their childhood.

They had a crush on each other but neither understood it and eventually, Deniz distanced himself from her. She left because of the accident and Deniz left because his father remarried.

Make Me Believe ending explained in detail:

Does Sahra tell Deniz about the interview?

Their relationship is all rosy but Ahu keeps pestering Sahra to get Deniz’s interview because if Karem gets the cover, he will be promoted and become their boss.

She tries to talk to him, but he has no interest in any interview. He feels his photographs tell his story completely and he does not need to show his face.

Does Deniz do the interview?

When one of the photographers backs out, Deniz offers to help Sahra out by doing the photo shoot but only on the condition that his name shouldn’t be mentioned.

Ahu asks about the interview again, but Sahra tells her she has decided not to ask him. Because she loves him and understands that he does not want to go through it. Ahu persists but they decide to talk about it later.

To their shock, Karem shows up at the shoot location and accuses Sahra of sleeping with Deniz just to get the interview.

He comes to know the truth and ends up getting hurt. He tells Sahra to publish the interview as she already knows everything about him and storms out.

Do Sahra and Deniz reconcile?

Sahra actually ends up publishing the interview and gets promoted. However, Ulas asks Deniz to read the interview once.

It’s an emotional penning of Deniz as a person and his thoughts. There is no picture of his face and Sahra even confesses she loves him.

At the celebration party, Deniz shows up with the intention of getting back together with Sahra. He has no issue with his face finally being known to public, he just wants to be with the woman he loves.

In the end, the two ride away together. They finally know and acknowledge their love for each other after years.

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