Lina: Thicker Than Water character explained

In Thicker Than Water, one of Souhila’s struggles includes connecting with her daughter, Lina, who, much like every teenager, is looking for freedom. Paola Locatelli plays Lina.

Lina is one of Souhila’s daughters. While her other daughter, Imene, is the darling of their family, Lina is in a teenage crisis and thinks she is Rihanna because she has 10,000 followers on TikTok.

Lina & Souhila’s relationship

Lina’s relationship with her mother isn’t the best either. Souhila is often controlling when it comes to her daughters, especially Lina, considering the struggles she had to go through for them. She is trying to run a family on her own since divorcing her husband.

Lina, on the other hand, is more carefree, and when encouraged by her friends, she doesn’t think twice about living a life for herself. She even takes Imene along with her for clubbing.

Lina: Thicker Than Water character explained 1
Lina stands up to Souhila

When Souhila, Fara, and Yasmina pick Lina, Imene, and Lina’s friends up, it is revealed that Souhila is having a hard time taking care of a growing Lina. She doesn’t really want Lina to grow up if she is going to act carelessly like this.

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Watching Lina’s adventures even makes Souhila install a spy app on her daughter’s phone so that she can keep a constant eye on her. Due to this behavior, Lina grows distant from her mother and finds comfort in her grandmother.

Who is Brayann Kiaté?

While Lina is grounded, social media keeps her company. An account going by the name of “BazBazBondy” keeps liking all her pictures.

Lina’s friends direct her to talk to this user and see who they are. She asks for a picture of them. The user says they can’t send a picture because they are popular and this is a private account of theirs.

Eventually, they do send a picture of theirs. The user is Brayann Kiaté, a professional footballer, and he proves that he is the real one by asking Lina to tune up for a match. During the match, after scoring a goal, he makes the sign that he promised to prove that he is the real one.

Lina’s relationship with Kiaté

Initially, Lina deduces that her fling with Kiaté might only be a one-time thing since he is a professional footballer who must have plenty of girls around him.

Lina’s friends try to help her look at this positively. Therefore, Lina decides to go on a date with Kiaté at a gala event. Though the date is cut short, they find some things that are common between them. Both of their fathers left their families when they were young.

Lina: Thicker Than Water character explained 2
Kiaté comforts Lina

Fara made her leave that date because Oumar was around them. Later, Fara only supports her relationship with Kiaté. She allows them to meet and even teaches her how to keep a psychological edge on boyfriends.

Kiaté later turns out to be quite a nice guy who is really into Lina; he isn’t playing around at all. When Fara sends Lina inside the recycling center to retrieve Omar’s gear, she gets caught by the cops.

To help her, Kiaté sends his lawyer, making it known that he really does care about her. Though Kiaté helps them out, Souhlia warns him to stay away from her daughter, claiming that Lina is too young and she doesn’t know what is right for her.

Do Lina and Kiaté end up together?

Kiaté breaks contact with Lina, who is then forced by her mother to move on spiritually. This decision of hers makes Lina confess that she doesn’t want to be like her mother. She even tells her mother that she disgusts her and that she hates her.

Lina leaves to meet Kiaté, who understands her, and they both spend time together. When Souhila comes looking for Lina, Kiaté assures Lina that he will talk to her.

The only thing is, along with Souhila, Oumar’s men come too. They capture Lina and agree to give her back only when the Bentayab sisters will bring Oumar’s gear back.

The Bentayab sisters devise a plan. Before its execution, they make sure to correct their mistakes and spend time with their loved ones, knowing that they may not come out of this alive.

Souhila grabs this chance to visit Kiaté. She thanks him for not telling anything to the cops. She also allows Kiaté to date Lina, once she gets out of this mess, if he really respects her. 

Fara and Oumar’s plan doesn’t go as planned. Fara, on her side, brings his gear, but he fails to get Lina to the exchange location. Lina escapes from the clutches of Mayo, who was guarding her.

As Oumar doesn’t bring Lina back, Fara reveals that there is flour inside the packets of Oumar’s gear. The two pull guns on each other and shoot once the cops arrive. Fara survives, but Oumar is shown dying. Meanwhile, the show doesn’t reveal Lina’s fate either.

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