Kyle: Rabbit Hole character explained

In Rabbit Hole, Kyle, also known as the intern, is a young assassin working for Crowley. Kyle first joined Weir’s team as an intern to work undercover. Walt Klink plays Kyle.

As an intern on Weir’s team, Kyle is mostly sent to run small errands and is not included in real missions because Weir had figured out that Kyle is a plant; he just didn’t know if he worked for Jo Madi or Crowley.

Once Kyle shows his true colors, he starts becoming an obstacle in Weir and Ben’s mission, as ordered by his boss, Crowley. Despite being young, he is quite skilled. He manages to take out people important to Weir and even a high-profile politician while serving Crowley.

The murderer of Weir’s team

Weir wanted to secure his team and bring them back only when he needed them the most. He planned to have them fake their deaths and go underground. Since they already know Kyle is a plant, they kept him out of this mission and thought of making him the perfect police witness.

Unfortunately, Weir’s plan doesn’t go accordingly, as his father, Ben, wanted to get rid of Kyle if they already know he is a plant.

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Kyle: Rabbit Hole character explained 1
Kyle finishes off Weir’s team

Ben follows Kyle around to see who he is meeting and working for. What Ben doesn’t know is how skilled Kyle really is. He is quick to notice Ben and wastes no time in taking him down and hurting him.

The presence of another person nearby forces Kyle to let Ben go. Now that Weir’s team knows who Kyle is, Crowley orders him to kill Weir’s team. Kyle smoothly enters Weir’s office, and one by one, he takes the members of Weir’s team out.

Ben goes back to Weir’s office and watches Kyle push the bodies of Weir’s team down an elevator. Ben attempts to kill Kyle with the explosion that Weir’s team had originally planned to fake their deaths with. Kyle survives it and continues to pursue Weir.

Kyle’s hand in Senator Nora Evers’ death

In order to build an empire of his own in the United States, Crowley needed Senator Nora Evers’ Shared Data Act to be passed. This law gives select companies access to US citizens’ government records and consumer data.

Many opposed this legislation, and to make sure that it is passed, Crowley needed Senator Nora Evers dead. He wanted Evers to die at the hands of the same radicals who opposed her legislation—the people she promised to protect the country from.

Evers’ death will make her a martyr, and this thought guarantees that her legislation will be passed. Kyle is assigned the task of getting Evers killed by someone who opposes her legislation.

Crowley’s team searches for a girl who comes from that group and finds Eliza, who has a passion for politics, is angry and lonely, and suffers from mental illness.

Kyle makes Eliza fall in love with him. Together, they attend events that challenge Nora Evers’ legislation. When the time comes, he manipulates her into killing Evers. Once she gets the job done, he doesn’t think twice before killing her.

What happens to Kyle in Rabbit Hole‘s finale?

For some reason, Kyle continues to stay loyal to Crowley, and not much about his past or where he gets his training from is revealed. Right up until the end, he follows Crowley’s orders and breaks into the studio of the channel where Weir, Hailey, and Homm are.

Weir planned to expose Crowley’s plan by having Homm, who was assumed dead, talk about it live on television. Kyle gets caught, then breaks free, and comes close to killing Homm and helping Crowley succeed.

Kyle: Rabbit Hole character explained 2
Kyle decides to let Homm go

By then, Weir had played his cards, and Crowley was on his feet in front of Ben, who decided to kill Crowley even though he was already dying. After hearing the gunshot, Kyle sees no point in killing Homm anymore. So he backs out of the mission and runs away.

Ben notices the earpiece in Crowley’s ear. He talks to the person, and it is not revealed if it is Kyle responding on the other side or someone else.

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