Rabbit Hole finale recap, review & ending explained

In Rabbit Hole episode 8, the Nora Evers American Protection Act has been passed, forcing Weir and Ben to use their ace to take Crowley down. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Journalist Debra Wyman-Massey announces the signing of the Nora Evers American Protection Act, which has now officially become law. The government will now be sharing vast amounts of data with intelligence contractors.

Crowley begins shaping his empire by killing three federal judges on the prestigious D.C. circuit on the very same day. The world doesn’t know if these judges have died or have been killed. The D.C. circuit court is closed, and probably Crowley will fill that place with his own people or keep it that way forever.

Ben says the kind of country Crowley wants to build will be ruled by the privileged. He will create a permanent class; women will be in homes, and homosexuals will be in closets. Basically, a world from a hundred years ago.

Crowley is currently controlling the narrative, and Weir likes to think that they should take hold of it by going with the Homm Plan, which sees them revealing that Homm is actually alive. This way, people will control the narrative.

It is then revealed that Weir and Ben have been sending hints to social media personalities like Morgan Shaw, suggesting that Homm is alive. There are some people who still believe he is alive, and once it’s confirmed, they will be the ones controlling the narrative.

Weir and Hailey have a heart-to-heart conversation, where she reveals that she approached Agent Jo Madi and gave her information on what is going on. She asked her to arrest Weir because he was going crazy a while ago. She thought he would be safe inside the prison. Weir understands, and the two make up.

Weir’s team starts orchestrating their plan. Hailey and Homm will meet Weir at the place he has decided, and Ben will be with Weir’s ex-wife, Liv, to keep her safe.

Weir meets journalist Debra Wyman-Massey and her associate, Jess. He offers them a drive full of information on the people responsible for Senator Nora Evers’ assassination and the widespread conspiracy that is taking place. To prove all of this, Weir is ready to give them a resurrected Homm.

Weir believes only Debra is up to this job because she is a well-respected journalist who has maintained her integrity. The only thing he wants from her in exchange for this information is to air all of this live on TV.

Right after meeting Debra, Madi arrives with her officers to arrest Weir. In the interrogation room, Weir attempts to convince Madi of what is going on. Madi’s senior, who is apparently working with Crowley, hears what he has to say about Homm and lets Crowley hear the same.

Madi’s senior thinks they can use Weir’s family as leverage over Weir and asks his officers to get a hold of them. Before the FBI can reach Liv and Ben, Madi’s senior sends Crowley’s soldiers to kidnap them.

Meanwhile, Homm sees the people who are supporting him on the streets. In excitement, he jumps out of the vehicle and comes under the world’s eyes. Hailey quickly puts him back in and drives away.

Rabbit Hole ending explained in detail:

Is Madi working with Weir?

Weir, on the other hand, breaks out of the interrogation room, and Madi helps him escape the police department. Weir knows that Madi is aware that the people she is working for are with Crowley. She learned this from the information that Hailey had given her.

As an honest cop, Madi won’t stand with them, which puts Weir and Madi on the same side. Arresting Weir and getting Crowley’s people to his family is part of the plan.

Hailey and Homm pick Weir up. They head to the studio of Debra’s news channel. After reaching there, they face troubles because the DOJ has arrived to stop the broadcast. Weir recognizes it’s a distraction, and these people are not from the DOJ.

Kyle is the one who breaks into the place using this distraction. Weir and Hailey catch him, while Madi and Rasche together arrest the people pretending to be the DOJ.

What happens to Crowley?

Crowley’s measures to stop the broadcast continue. He blackmails an officer to let Kyle go and calls Weir to tell him that he has Ben and Liv. Weir then reveals that Liv is not his ex-wife. She is an assassin who helped him save his ex-wife from his competitors years ago.

Liv makes her moves and kills everyone in the room. Ben is surprised because Weir kept this from him. Crowley is already sick and dying. After thinking for a minute, Ben proceeds to kill Crowley.

Does Kyle kill Homm?

Meanwhile, Kyle makes it in time to kill Homm, but hearing a gunshot on his earpiece makes him change his decision. He lets this thing go and runs away. Homm goes live with Debra and reveals Crowley’s scheme.

On their way out of Debra’s studio, Hailey and Weir meet Jo Madi, who won’t be arresting Weir, though she has proof against him in the Esper-Ethika case.

Hailey also reveals that she cut a deal with Jo Madi for the information she gave her. She made Madi arrest her old corrupt boss. Back at Crowley’s hideout, Ben notices an earpiece inside Crowley’s ear and asks who is on the other side. Ben’s face suggests that he knows this person.


  • The eighth episode of Rabbit Hole is outstanding on the spy and political drama side of things but underwhelming when it comes to introducing the big bad of the show.
  • The finale once again proves that the show only works because it is able to deceive the viewers. If the show had gone with the regular formula or failed to convince the viewers of what it was showing, Rabbit Hole could have become another mediocre spy thriller.
  • The show portrayed Crowley as a feared entity throughout its run, but his introduction in the finale is disappointing. He shows up out of nowhere, and in no sense does he talk or behave like a person who should be feared.
  • The finale pulls a great card in the form of Liv not being Weir’s wife. The move is exciting and not that exciting at the same time. The show does drop hints that this relationship is something different altogether. It’s just that viewers will fall for the show’s traps.
  • Lastly, the finale teases someone working above Crowley. Hopefully, that is not the case, and it’s just Kyle on the other side of Crowley’s earpiece. Stretching this storyline will only make the show tiresome, and the first season already had a lot of fillers for a story that could have been wrapped up in four episodes.
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