Katherine Collier: Death and Other Details character explained

In Death and Other Details, Katherine Collier is the wife of Lawrence Collier. Jayne Atkinson plays Katherine.

On Varuna, much like everyone else, Katherine Collier has a secret of her own, which is her affair with Father Toby.

It heavily backfires on her when it is revealed that even Celia Chun knows about their affair. She uses it against Father Toby and threatens him with his son, prompting him to reveal a much bigger secret that Katherine is hiding.

The truth about Anna

In the eighth episode, the Colliers and the Chuns argue about who should be the next CEO of Collier Mills.

Katherine stands by her daughter, Anna, expressing that Collier Mills has always been a family brand, even if the board has changed and the Chuns own 51% of the company.

Celia Chun challenges the claim that Anna is a Collier. It is then revealed that Anna isn’t the daughter of Lawrence.

Toby revealed this secret to Celia to protect his son. Anna is Colliers’ family lawyer, Llewellyn Mathers’ daughter.

Katherine Collier: Death and Other Details character explained 1
Katherine is forced to tell Anna about her father

Katherine confesses that she and Llewellyn were both lonely. He wanted Kira, but Kira didn’t want him. Similarly, Katherine wanted the love of Lawrence, but he didn’t understand love at all.

Katherine and Llewellyn’s affair was brief and sad, but having Anna was worth it. Llewellyn didn’t even know that Anna is his daughter.

When Anna calls her mother a gold digger, Katherine makes sure to remind her of the name she has given her and how she has held this family together.

Katherine’s death

Llewellyn’s death is caused by a poisoned drink, not suicide. He saw his death coming, and hence he jumped off the ship.

Upon investigating who sent that drink to Llewellyn, the person turns out to be Katherine. A thorough search of her room results in the discovery of ricin in her things.

Leila believes that Katherine is Viktor Sams. However, Anna ends up discovering the body of her mother in a pool before the people of Viktor Sams arrive and take over the ship.

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