Kira Scott: Death and Other Details character explained

In Death and Other Details, Kira Scott is the mother of Imogene, who was possibly killed by Viktor Sams.

Kira Scott used to work as a secretary for Lawrence Collier. From what everyone has said about her, Kira is someone who isn’t afraid to stand up against injustice and has volunteered to help people.

However, she soon meets her end when she is killed in a car bombing. Her daughter, Imogene, who is the sole witness, is wrecked after her death.

Imogene loses hope completely when Rufus, a person who promised her that he would catch her mother’s killer, gives up on the case and walks away.

While investigating Kira’s case, Rufus was only able to find the name Viktor Sams, and Lawrence stopped cooperating after that, believing that Rufus is nothing but a hack.

Build up to the truth about Kira’s case

Years later, Rufus joins the Colliers on Varuna as the Chuns’ personal security detail in hopes of solving Kira’s case by finding the connection Viktor Sams has with the Colliers, which might be hidden in the Colliers’ books.

The Colliers’ books reveal that the Colliers were using banned chemicals in a factory of theirs in China, which may have caused many deaths.

In the sixth episode, Alexandra Hochenberg meets her end before presenting strong evidence against the Colliers.

Even Llewellyn Mathers kills himself. Before dying, he confesses that he loved Imogene’s mother, Kira, and claims that the truth was staring Rufus in the face and he missed it.

Kira’s case against the Colliers

Imogene takes Rufus’ place and revisits his investigation, and the two realize that Imogene held something back from Rufus.

Kira met a woman at a diner and had an argument with her. Imogene purposefully blocked this memory because she promised her mother that she would forget all of this.

The memory reveals that Kira met Alexandra Hochenberg with evidence against the Colliers, claiming that there are five dead employees, and who knows how many got sick and have been paid to stay silent.

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Kira and Alexandra argue

This probably has to do with the Colliers using banned chemicals. Kira had also brought a witness along, but Alexandra declined to help her, saying that she doesn’t have a case.

Kira’s witness turns out to be none other than Celia Chun, who has lost her husband because of the Colliers, it seems, which is why she is possibly exacting revenge on them by buying 51% of their company.

Imogene overheard Kira and Alexandra’s conversation. After promising Kira that she would bury this memory, Imogene lost her mother in the car bombing.

Becoming Viktor Sams

In the final two episodes, it is revealed that Kira Scott faked her death to protect herself from the Colliers. She became Viktor Sams and resolved to punish the Colliers and their entourage one day.

Kira Scott gets her revenge by killing the likes of Alexandra Hochenberg and Llewellyn Mathers and instilling fear among the survivors of SS Varuna. However, she doesn’t plan on stopping.

She attempts to recruit her daughter to fight for the people the rich throw away, but Imogene points out how Kira killed Danny, who only wanted to solve Kira’s murder, for her mission.

Kira calls those sacrifices. She agrees to stop for her daughter, but in reality, she never does, which prompts Imogene to secretly build a case against her mother with Rufus, resulting in the arrest of Kira Scott, also known as Viktor Sams.

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