John Weir’s paranoia in Rabbit Hole explained

The seventh episode of Rabbit Hole sheds light on John Weir’s paranoia, and it turns out that it’s not what everyone around him thinks it is.

In Rabbit Hole, John Weir gets paranoid from time to time when he is facing a situation he doesn’t understand. Weir likes to think that this paranoia and delusional thinking comes from his father, Ben, who one day shows up after being dead for years.

The only person who helps Weir calm down is his best friend, Miles Valence. Somehow, Valence always knows what to say to pull Weir out of it. When Valence dies and Weir learns that his original team is dead too, he starts questioning everything.

Weir dives deep into paranoia and starts assuming that his father might have been behind the deaths of his friends.

This assessment is further pushed when a person claiming to be Valence starts texting Weir and tells him that Ben can’t be trusted. To figure out who this person is, Weir leaves his team behind and executes this task on his own. Involving Homm and Hailey may risk their lives as Ben is around, and this person says Ben is the one Weir should be concerned about.

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How does Weir’s mind work?

Hailey notices the chat Weir was having with this person claiming to be Valence and follows Weir. She eventually finds him, and Weir questions everything about her. He even wonders if she is working for Ben.

When Hailey says that he is being paranoid, he explains that paranoia is delusional; what he is dealing with is completely different.

John Weir's paranoia in Rabbit Hole explained 1
Weir explains to Hailey how his mind works

Whenever Weir can’t find a rational explanation for what is happening around him, his mind starts to visualize every other possible scenario until it finds the most logical one. It’s just that Weir can’t control it every now and then.

With Valence not around, Weir doesn’t know how to calm himself down. Weir even opts to talk to a priest to do so.

How does Valence help Weir calm down?

Problems continue to pile up as Weir’s ex-wife receives a parcel from a dead Valence. Weir picks up that parcel, which has a piece of Gilgamesh inside it. He is later confronted by Kyle, his boss, and Crowley. They convince him that Ben is lying to Weir and is behind this mess.

Weir goes back to their hideout to confront Ben and even thinks of killing him right away. Before Weir can do so, Homm retrieves the drive inside Gilgamesh and plays the video on it on a laptop.

It’s a confession video of Valence. He has left this message to inform Weir that he is killing himself to buy Weir and Ben some time. Crowley somehow infiltrated Arda Analytics and ordered Valence to kill Weir to make sure that there are no loose ends in the Homm operation.

Valence wasn’t ready to do that. Therefore, he opted to kill himself because Crowley would have come for both of them. Valence’s confession video gives Weir some clarity and helps him see what is real and what is not.

The person messaging him, claiming to be Valence, was Crowley messing with Weir. Since Crowley has infiltrated Arda Ananyltics, he has data on Valence and had figured out how Weir and Valence were in touch. Now that everything is clear, Weir rejoins his team in their mission to take Crowley down.

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