Héctor and Álvaro: Alpha Males season 2 characters explained

In Alpha Males season 2, Luz is dating an old man named Héctor. Things get complicated when his son, Álvaro, enters the picture.

Héctor is a client of Luz, whom she is dating. She handles his divorce. After the divorce, Héctor is quick to ask Luz to get married to him or have a baby with him.

Luz thinks he is rushing things. Also, she has certain rules of her own, and they are just getting to know each other.

Things get more difficult when Héctor’s son, Álvaro, comes home. Álvaro is quite rude to Luz at their very first meeting.

While Héctor is all cute, Luz hates Álvaro. However, Álvaro and Luz keep crossing paths with each other, which soon leads Luz to make a mistake.

The cheating

When Luz tells Héctor about her endometriosis progressing, he is all nice and supports her. He is ready to give her time to think about whether she wants kids.

Luz doesn’t know Héctor well. Hence, she can’t know if he will be a good father. Esther ends up advising Luz to ask none other than Héctor’s son, Álvaro, how good of a father Héctor is.

Héctor and Álvaro: Alpha Males season 2 characters explained 1
Héctor is all nice to Luz when she tells him about her endometriosis

During her time in Tarifa, Luz crosses paths with Álvaro. Unfortunately, she ends up sleeping with him.

Luz claims that she hasn’t cheated before in her life, and this is the first time she has done so. Álvaro keeps their little hiccup a secret, but Luz no longer feels comfortable around him and Héctor.

Álvaro’s traumas

Luz says she loves Héctor, but Álvaro reminds her that it’s just been six months and she has already cheated.

Álvaro says his father doesn’t deserve a cheater like her. Álvaro calls himself a disgusting human, and he thinks she should be with him.

Héctor notices that Luz is absent around him and has stopped coming over. He assumes that it’s because of Álvaro.

It’s then that Héctor shares that Álvaro has some past traumas. Álvaro’s mother abandoned Álvaro and Héctor when Álvaro was still a newborn, which is why Álvaro is always getting involved with older women.

Ending relationships

Luz doesn’t stop her affair with Álvaro. Luz knows that this is a big mess that she has created, but she struggles to figure out a solution.

Eventually, Luz decides to call off her relationship with both Héctor and Álvaro. Héctor doesn’t want Luz to comfort him. However, he does admit that she made his divorce more bearable.

When she meets Álvaro, Luz says that she wants to be mature and has made a big mistake. She doesn’t want a son like Álvaro, so she isn’t going to be with any of them.

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