Hanne: Midsummer Night character explained

In Midsummer Night, as the date of Hanne’s wedding draws close, she panics and makes mistakes. Amalia Holm plays Hanne.

When Hanne comes to celebrate midsummer with her family, she finds out that her mother has also invited her ex-boyfriend, Lysander, and his mother. 

Hanne and Lysander used to be in love. They were happy together, but Lysander broke up with her without giving her a proper reason. 

Hanne never got closure, and her sister, Helena, believes that she is still not entirely over Lysander. His presence there bothers Hanne, who is getting married in a few months.

Hanne’s mistake

Hanne is engaged to her boyfriend, Darius. She believes that Darius does not know her entirely, and if he did, he would not love her. 

Terrified of losing him, Hanne proposes to him. However, the idea of being with him also scares her.

As the day of their wedding draws closer, Hanne starts panicking about several factors, including the fact that she is going to lose her freedom. 

Hanne then makes a mistake. She cheats on Darius with a random person she meets online. She does not tell Darius about it.

Hanne does not know that Darius, as well as Helena, saw her with the other man and found out about her infidelity. 

Darius has been struggling to decide whether he should forgive Hanne or break up with her, and he cannot help but think about it more when he sees her with Lysander.

Getting married to Darius

After years of not knowing, Hanne questions Lysander about his reasons for breaking up with her and finds out that Lysander finds it hard to commit to one person. 

He tried to change himself for her sake, but he failed, so he let Hanne go, even if it meant often feeling lonely.

Midsummer Night Hanne
Hanne talks to Lysander about their breakup

Lysander knows that, just like him, Hanne is also afraid of being lonely, which is why she clings to Darius, a person who wants to be with Hanne through thick and thin. 

Hanne does not get to think much about Lysander’s opinions on her relationship with Darius as she tries to come to terms with all the news of her parents’ divorce.

It is then that Darius confronts her about cheating on him. Hanne admits to Darius that she cheated on him only because she panicked. 

However, she still loves him. Eventually, Darius chooses to forgive Hanne, leading to the two of them spontaneously getting married that very day.

Hanne happily prepares to start her married life with Darius, unaware that Lysander still loves her and that he is suffering from a life-threatening condition.

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