Fear Street Part 3 1666 ending explained: Origin of Sarah Fier and Witch’s Curse

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 marks the finale of Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, based on R.L. Stine’s novels of the same name. The last instalment brings together the stories of protagonists from Fear Street Part 1: 1994 and Fear Street Part 2: 1978; and connects them with a back story delving deep into the sinister history of the American town called Shadyside from three centuries before.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 takes off from the scene at the end of Part 2 where Deena (Kiana Madeira), while burying Sarah’s hand has a deja vu where she gets into the body of Sarah Fier who is supposed to have brought the curse upon tragic Shadyside. She experiences the actual events of 1666 when she was hanged for being a witch and unravels the mystery behind the stark difference of fortunes between her town and Sunnyvale.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 has its roots in mysticism where actors from the previous series appear as themselves in the Union, a 1666 settlement, and seem to be their ancestors hinting at them being eternally connected.

Deena as Sarah Fier (Kiana Madeira); her younger brother, Josh as Henry (Benjamin Flores Jr.); her drug-dealing pals Kate as Lizzie (Julia Rehwald) and Simon as Isaac (Fred Hechinger); her-ex, Sam as Hannah Miller (Olivia Scott Welch); Christian Berman as Constance (Sadie Sink); and Cindy Berman as Abigail (Emily Rudd), all appear as the dwellers of the Union.

The third instalment of Fear Street trilogy is divided into two significant parts. The first part features the story of Sarah Fier, a bold girl with an edge, who is neither afraid of cutting a pig’s stomach while it is birthing, nor of expressing her affection for similar sex, when she falls for Hannah.

On one full moon night, Sarah and her friends Hannah, Abigail and Lizzie sneak into the cabin of a reclusive widow Mary (Jordana Spiro who played Mary Lane in Part 1) looking for some berries. Sarah chances upon a book of occult practices which mentions how a trade can be made with the devil in exchange for one’s wishes.

As widow Mary returns, they flee to join a party for young Unioners where Sarah and Hannah have an altercation with Caleb (Jeremy Ford who played Peter in Part 1) as they reject his advances.

The two then run off and get intimate in the woods not knowing that they have been spotted by someone. However, the next day a curse befalls on the colony as Pastor Miller behaves strange, the food is spoilt and a dead animal is found in the well.

Sarah confides in Solomon (Ashley Zukerman who played Sheriff Nick Goode in Part 1), that she is wondering if her actions in the woods have brought the misfortune. He stays away from the colony in a deserted area in woods all by himself. Sarah is, perhaps, betrothed to him.

They suddenly hear screams from near the Chapel. The pastor has killed eight children by gouging their eyes including himself. The pastor is killed by Solomon. Next, we see the whole colony people going berserk to see their children dead and deliberating on the curse that has brought the colony to its unfortunate state and the person behind it.

As it plays out, Caleb admits to have seen Sarah in woods giving herself to the demon, inflicting the curse on them. Both Hannah and Sarah are pronounced witches to be hanged to end the curse. As they run for their lives, the enraged dwellers manage to get hold of Hannah.

Sarah decides that if her destiny is to be a witch she might as well become one. She returns to the widow Mary’s cabin to look for the book she had seen earlier, only to find the widow dead and book missing.

She reaches out to Solomon to seek refuge and to convince him to help her as she is innocent. He affirms his trust and tells her to hide when people come looking for her at his dwelling. While hiding she discovers the passage to a cave that takes her to the devil’s mark and widow Mary’s book.

She reads the rest of the book and realizes that Solomon has actually made a deal with Satan and placed the curse on the Union. Solomon soon follows her in the cave and when confronted reveals that in exchange for power and prosperity for his family, he would have to offer one person up to devil at regular intervals. He confesses that he loves her and she must not tell the truth to anyone.

When she refuses to keep it a secret and tries to escape, he cuts her hand. She still finds her way out, but Solomon soon catches her and puts her up in front of angry villagers.

As both are about to be hanged, realizing the pointlessness of dragging Hannah into it, Sarah admits it was she who made a pact with devil and bewitched her into blasphemy. Thus, Hannah is set free.

When Solomon is about to hang Sarah, she declares that his truth will be his curse and she would never let him go. After she is hanged, Hannah and other friends give her body a proper burial.

The story then returns to 1994 in the second part, where Deena is sitting under the tree where Sarah was buried and where she has reunited her hand with her body.

At this stage, she as well as the audience know that Sarah was innocent and that Solomon was the true villain who, through occult practices sacrificed random people at regular intervals to keep his hold on the Union, strong enough to last through his descendants.

Over centuries, Union got divided into two contrasting towns. The Goode family, however, continued to offer Shadyside people up to the devil turning them into killers, while they themselves enjoyed positions of power in Sunnyvale.

The pattern has continued with Sheriff Nick, the Goode family scion, and hence the curse on Shadyside lives on. Armed with this knowledge, Deena is determined to use all her might to lit it.

Will she be able to fight all of devil’s killers to expose the villainy of Sheriff Nick Goode/Solomon and prove the innocence of Sarah Fier to the people of the town? Will the curse be lifted ever from the town of Shadyside and she be reunited with Sam?

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 ending explained in detail:

The grand plan

When Deena comes back to her present self in 1994 in the woods where she has buried Sarah’s hand, Sheriff Nick is already lurking around. As he comes after them in the woods, she and Josh manage to escape in his police car.

Deena tells Josh the story of Sarah Fier from 1666 that she had experienced and together they apprise Christian of the criticality of killing Nick Goode if the curse of Shadyside is to be truly lifted.

They seek help from Shadyside mall engineer Martin P. Franklin (Darrell Britt-Gibson), who had a tiff with Goode earlier as he had tried to falsely implicate him in the mall killings.

They set up the entire Shadyside mall in such a way that all killers get trapped in different stores and Nick Goode is left alone for them to kill. Since Deena is very near to bursting the truth behind killings, the killers will be attracted by her blood. She, thus, makes a cut in her hand and let’s her blood trickle into a bucket. They then mix it with neon colour, planting some near the tree where Sarah’s hand was discovered in the mall and filling the rest in toy guns.

The plan works and when Nick appears finally at the mall, Deena pours her blood on him. Then the three let out the killers, setting them off for Nick. Their plan though fails as Sam escapes and attacks Christian.

Deena then cuts her hand again to make Sam come after her. While Christian and Josh take on the killers by spattering blood from toy guns on them, there ensues a battle royal between them in which they start tearing each other apart with their respective weapons. But soon they will rise again.

Back to devil’s cave

Meanwhile, Nick escapes through an opening on the floor to an area that goes to the original cave from 1666 where hundreds of years ago Solomon had made the original pact with Satan about sacrificing the Shadyside dwellers for power and riches of Sunnyvale and had cut Sarah Fier’s hand when she had discovered the truth.

Deena follows him, who in turn, is being followed by a possessed Sam. As Sam is set to make her kill, she has sudden flashes where she sees the truth of her relationship with Deena and suddenly backs off.

Nick, however, will not let her go. But as soon as he is about to take a shot, she puts his hand on the mass of muscles and blood that has been lying for centuries in the cave, he has a deja vu. All the events from the past, right from 1666, come alive in flashes with Sarah Fier’s ominous voice reverberating through the cave.

She had said that his truth would be his curse and she would shadow him for eternity. With everything that he takes and harms, her grip on him would tighten. “I will follow you forever, I will never let you go.”

Lifting the curse

As Nick stands baffled and distracted by Sarah’s voice, Deena stabs him in the eye. All the killers risen from the dead and about to pounce on Josh and Christine above in the mall, suddenly vanish and so does the devil’s mark in the cave.

With Nick dead, Sam is dispossessed too. As they both try to find their way out, they find themselves in a palacial house in Sunnyvale. As soon as they open the door, they see an accident. The curse seems to have lifted. Sunnyvale is prone to normal accidents now.

In the last scene, we see a beautiful and progressing Shadyside, where Deena and Sam acknowledge and celebrate their love publicly.

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